Monday, November 5, 2007

Buying Plastic Stuff Isn't THAT Bad, RIght?

Unfortunately, we're not doing so well around these parts. I (Ashley) have a viral infection, so this is just gonna be short. (The only reason I'm up this late because I wanted to catch a Daily Show rerun. Please don't leave us, Jon Stewart!)
Hey! Don't buy plastics you can't recycle!

Ideally, we wouldn't ever buy plastics (they don't biodegrade and *may* leech chemicals. Yum!)- but seeing as we live in an apartment (sans balcony) we cannot grow much besides basil and mint. Yeah, excuses.

Also since we live in an apartment - we don't get our recyclables picked up. All through college, we were told that our city takes plastics #1-6. When we actually went to the recycle center to drop off our cardboard, paper, cans, glass, and plastics - we were told they only take #1 and #2 plastics. Hmm.

So we decided we'd only buy those kinds of plastics. In our whole grocery store, all of the yogurt containers were #5 plastic - who knew!? The yuppie grocery store had one brand with #2 plastic. It was more expensive than normal yogurt, but also organic. I know there's some talk about #5 being better than #2 but we base our decision on what we know our city recycles.

I've learned much about the evils of plastics (and no longer heat up leftovers in plastic...thank goodness for Corning Ware), but I can totally be known to buy a yummy looking artichoke dip from the deli in #5 plastic, with the excuse that "we can always reuse it!" :)

We've also recently converted from Nalgenes to stainless steel and aluminum water bottles (which was convenient since I had just lost my Nalgene. I left it at a nice Italian restaurant and when I called the next day asking about my water bottle...I think they though I was a joke.) We've diverting TONS of plastic water bottles from the environment while still staying hydrated. And looking really cool.

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  1. Ashley! I thought you had abandoned the blog world... and here you were! Must have missed that move.

    Congrats on the wedding, and glad to see you blogging!


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