Sunday, November 18, 2007

Digital Digital Get Down

...Just what we need.*

Isn't our new-to-us laptop sooooo pretty?! Hint: say yes.

It’s simple but its impact is deceptively large. By changing all of our bank and credit card statements to be electronic only, we’re able to alleviate the onslaught of disappointingly impersonal mail we get. Plus, we reduce our paper waste (okay, paper recycling). It’s not fancy or adventurous, but paying your bills online makes life simpler, uses less paper, and saves money (no stamp!). Isn’t it strange how trying to live more sustainability is also often more frugal? And people are trying to make us think we all need carbon offsets and expensive hybrids to make a difference. Pshaw…little and cheap is our way.

* Yes, a shameless reference to an awful song by a defunct boy band.


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