Friday, November 23, 2007

Get Your News Fix...

Online, on the radio, or from the Daily Show.

To save some trees and some bucks, try reading the newspaper online or by listening to National Public Radio (NPR - find your station here). You can get articles and news stories from all over the world, offering a whole lot more perspective that we are privy to here. Just last week, NPR was doing reports on the global epidemic of obesity, and I heard a fascinating story about a town in Norway that basically banned fat from their diet. The government gave subsidies to berry farmers instead of dairy farmers, and taught people how to cook healthy and deliciously. Heart disease and obesity rates were cut by a third in 20 years. Dork that I am, I stayed in the car after I got home just to listen to the story. If I were always just reading one newspaper, I would never be able to hear and read the variety of stories I get through the internet and NPR.

[To be completely honest, our apartment situation is such that I don't think we could actually get a newspaper delivered to us. The doors to the building require an access card, so our newspaper would most likely end up on the front stoop of the building, along with a few copies of the Wall Street Journal. We are also torn because we want to support local businesses and endeavors, such as the local newspaper. So, until we leave this apartment we don't subscribe to the newspaper, are in love with NPR, and will most likely only get the Sunday edition of the paper in the future.]

By the way, I was kidding about getting your news from The Daily Show...mostly.


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