Friday, November 2, 2007

OPERATION: Actually Post!

We joined NaBloPoMo so we will FORCE ourselves to post daily for the entire month. Let's see how this goes!

Each day we'll discuss a different tip or idea for reducing your consumption, being more environmentally conscious, or just plain being green. As much as I hate to label it -- It's a green tip a day. (For some reason, using green as an adjective in that way really gives me the heeby jeebies. *shudder*)

Today: Never buy paper towels ever again.

I actually started to realize how unnecessary paper towels are last year when I lived with four other girls. Out of cheapness, we stopped buying paper towels and started using wash clothes, cloth towels, and rags to clean up our messes. We had plenty cloth alternatives, so it never became a problem. Just throw in a few towels with every load of laundry and you'll save money! Easy peasy.

Work, on the other hand, is a different story. I work at an after-school center with lots of kids. That means, lots of paper towels when they spill something. Which, of course, happens all the time. I have lots of guilt over this, and try to assuage myself, because the paper towels are recycled which makes a world of difference. Right?

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  1. We use dishrags and cloth napkins. I buy napkins at the Goodwill and garage sales. The kids use them just fine at home, and we save money. It's nice!


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