Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Contagious Anyway, Just Help it Spread

We can only be so effective in spreading the "message" of living simply and sustainably so far. Which is why we both make it a part of our mission to spread the ideas among the younger people among us. As the oldest of five children AND the oldest of 22 grandchildren, there is never a shortage of kids around. Without overstepping our bounds, we talk to kids about recycling, using less, and wasting less. [There was a rough incident with my little brother and sister, involving The Meatrix and them not eating meat or factory farmed foods for several weeks. Ooops. I also inadvertently turned a 10-year-old cousin of my babysitting charges into a vegetarian once. Again, oops.]

I am passionate about this, and even have a job that addresses this issue. It's so exciting to see kids understand the connectedness of our actions. :) Plus, I think it's an unequivocally good idea to help see the consequences of their attitudes and actions (reducing waste is ALWAYS a good thing.) Check out this article to be inspired.


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