Sunday, November 25, 2007

Those Beep Beep Dot Com Ads Annoy Me

Cars cost a LOT. Gas is constantly hovering over $3 a gallon. Add in oil changes, new tires, repairs, and insurance and you're forking over a whole lotta money. Don't forget car payments if you bought something nice!

I've never bought a car. I used a family leftover when I was home for the summer in high school (in Malaysia I took taxis everywhere) and in college my parents were out of the country so I drove theirs (until my younger sister totaled it. thanks, sis!) I wasn't used to being attached to a car that was Miiiine. Don't touch! Now, my friends are all suddenly purchasing brand new cars! I am dumbfounded by the idea, probably because I grew up with a financial director father who always preached the Gospel of A Car is Never An Investment, it Only Depreciates in Value. Not to mention, the money my friends are spending on new cars. This is a side note that has no other purpose than to express my complete bewilderment at young, college loan debt saddled people buying brand new, nice cars. Anyway.

Mike and I sort of fell into the pattern of sharing a car while we were dating. (Mike bought his first car in May of 2005, a silver Honda Accord.) We took turns using the car if we needed it, and then he left for Denver. We've never entertained the idea of buying another car, simply because it's too friggin' expensive. Also, we want to try and live close enough to employment or school so that one of us can always walk/bike to school or work. Preferably Mike so I don't have to go outside in the winter. But, shhh, don't tell him my Master Plan.
We drive one car because it's cheaper and wastes less. Simple, right?


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