Saturday, April 19, 2008

6 Things I Learned This Week

6. What TTQA, TTTH, and GOMF mean. Not to sound like an old woman, but working with kids keeps me young. (Nope, still sounded like an old woman.)

5. Target is seriously trying to seduce me to buy stuff, what with their advertisements to "Love your mother (earth)" and featuring products that are recycled and/or not chemically-laden. Plus (plus!!), a voucher came in my Newsweek for a free Retote - a bag made of recycled Target shopping bags. All you have to do is mail in a few Target plastic bags (free shipping!) and they'll mail you an awesome Target Retote. (Now I want to go shopping at Target and get plastic bags just to get that fun, big Target tote!!) (UPDATE! Stole bags from my parents' house and promptly mailed them in. I resisted you, Target seduction...for now...)

4. Second graders find it perfectly appropriate to say "What's that?!" and point to my zit on my face. Then when I tell them, "Ewww!!" What a self confidence boost, right?

3. It's a bajillion times easier to interview someone than be interviewed. Less nerve wracking, for sure. Plus, you don't have to obsess about what you wear. Or practice interviewing. Or get directions. Or get a complex that you look too young. And sound too young. And holy crap where are my tallest heels?!

2. My 13 year old brother is a proficient hacker and virus maker. What a freakin rebel. I'm ashamed. (And a little in awe.) If anyone needs a file that lets you steal some one's passwords, lemme know, I can hook you up.

1. I am married to a charming genius (*cue gagging sounds* I'm unapologetically sappy.) - in less than 2 months at his job, he's already been offered a pay raise AND a supervisory position. What a stud!


  1. Hmm, I wonder if they're going to publicize that Target bag thing more widely; didn't see anything about it when I was in the store today. (Everything I bought fit in one bag, yay.)

  2. I LOVE target, I want one of those cool bags!!


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