Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Fun

Some of the searches that brought people to my blog...

Indulge me grammar: Indulge you in what? Bad grammar? Nope, don't think so. Indulge you in your quest to rid the world of bad grammar? Sweet. I'm totally there.

i'm happy weirdo
: Maybe you can help this guy with his grammar. And his life. (Only joking. I'm a happy weirdo, too. It's cool. Let's just love ourselves, mmm kay?)

the bad stuff styrofoam and plastic: Dun Dun Dun DUUUUUN. Yeah, use less of it, you guys!

No coffee makes me: Oh oh! Is this a fill in the blank? Hmm...sad? Moody? Grumpy? Less poor? Stupid?!

personalized salsa jars: Interesting concept. Maybe you could talk to Jan to get some tips about starting your own business. (Serenity by Jan is the next big thing.)

Calories and nail biting:
Either you're wondering how many calories you burn biting your nails or how many calories you consume by biting your nails. Either way, you are a leeetle too obsessed with calories, my friend.

smells that make you burn calories:
Again, perhaps a little calorie obsessed? And perhaps also a bit of a fantasizer? The only ones I can think of would be a smell so nasty it makes you vomit. And that is just wrong (and technically not burning calories). Why don't you try going for a walk instead? It's much more enjoyable than smelling or vomiting. Also, less of a disorder.

can you burn calories with coffee: Gosh, that'd be wonderful, a dream come true, really. Mmm, maybe I'm burning calories as we speak - sitting in a coffee shop. (What is it with you people and burning calories strange ways?!)

Have a fantastic Friday, you guys!

And if you go out to eat tonight, remember to either:
  • Ask for foil (so much better for the environment!) to wrap up your leftovers; OR
  • Bring a reusable container to the restaurant; OR
  • Eat all your food! Then you won't have leftovers (but don't you wanna leave room for dessert?! Mmm.)
I promise, no one will think you're weird if you do the first two things. I've done it tons of times! Pizza wrapped in foil creates much less waste than bringing home a little cardboard box. And a Tupperware full of mushroom ravioli is so much better than a Styrofoam container of it. (Less waste, you can reheat it, and it's airtight. Score.)


  1. I LOVE finding out how people get to places via google. So enlightening!

    My favorite for today was "Cheryl hates watching kids dance" guess my Dancing with the Stars post got that one, though that is NOT what I said! HAHA, they always provide a good laugh!

    Great Reminders Ashley! Happy weekend!

  2. Very cute post!! I love it..

    Happy Friday!! :)


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