Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Need Spring. Now, Please.

Mike and I dusted off our awesome $10 thrift store bikes last night and celebrated the 60 degree weather with a bike ride to the grocery store. The store is 3 ½ miles from our apartment, so I figured I'd get a little exercise and some fresh air to improve my mood.

Result: Sweating, panting Ashley glaring at talkative Mike as he effortlessly glides up the hill.

Conclusion: I am out of shape.* (Also, I gained a pound this morning! After biking for an hour yesterday!)

Since last night was my last time going to the grocery store before I enact our no-convenience food/no new stuff month, I went all out:

- Gen Soy chocolate bar (non GMO soy nuts, thank you)
- Amy's Spinach Pizza
- Frozen Brussels sprouts in low fat butter sauce
- Grapefruit
- 1 Vitamin Water (for the taste, not for the vitamins, Mike!)

What a dinner, eh?

Also, Today I went to the coffee shop and realized - I will have to bring my own spoon from now on so I don't waste a wooden stirrer stick. (They use bulk raw sugar cubes, though - yay!)

I'll have none of your kind. (Except in mah reusable travel mug! Then I LOVE you!)

*Tonight I will be watching Biggest Loser in lieu of actually working out.

PS: Donate to Emily.


  1. Oh that looks yummy.

    And a bike ride does sound quite good right now. Good idea.

  2. I used to date a guy who loved to run, so when it was nice out I volunteered to go jogging with him. Oh, did I mention that he ran marathons..competitively. We ran together once and then I had to ride a bike to keep up with him, and I still got more of a work out than he did.

  3. Ashley - So totally love an iced caramel macchiato. Mmm, that MUST mean it's getting warm out, right?!

    TTWAS - I tried running a few times with Mike. He runs SO FAST compared to me!! (Also a marathon runner. Overachiever.) Today we ran a little together. Mistake.

  4. holy deliciousness, that drink looks SOOO good!


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