Sunday, June 15, 2008

Because the World Revolves Around Me

Hi!! How was your weekend? Mine was fab. Check it OUT:

Mom and Dad
After surviving a two hour drive through an AWFUL thunderstorm/TORNADO (!!), Friday night was a "work" banquet - aka: dinner for 30 recent college grads in this program. Fabulous food, fantastic friends, and my parents. It was wonderful. I don't look my mom at ALL, do I?? :)

country road
Saturday, we rode 11.1 miles to the wonderful village of Yellow Springs. Country roads meant a beautiful view. (And me hyperventilating and tucking my elbows in every time a car zipped past us at 50 miles an hour, yelling, "I LIKE BIKE PATHS!!" to Mike.)

Is this not ridiculously picturesque? Seriously.

We survived! And shoved our faces with delicious smoothies.

Oh, Yellow Springs
Oh, Yellow Springs. This guy was giving out free books. And glimpses at a...creative...truck.

Street Fair
The village was PACKED. It was the biannual street fair. Aka: Thousands of people descend upon tiny town and spends lots of money. I get a little totally overwhelmed with huge crowds and this was no different. I think Mike got a leetle sick of me whining, "There's sooo many people! I like it better normally!"

How cute is this??

Finally using a wedding gift - we ate at the amazing little restaurant,The Winds Cafe. You know I'm all about food and sharing my meals with you, so take a look at THIS:
My creation
1. Herb butter, kalamata olives, and fresh bread.
2. Spanish Egg- hard boiled egg halved and topped with garlic mayo, and roasted red pepper on a bed of spinach dressed with lemon oil and served with toasted almonds.
3. Cappuccino: necessary for the 11.1 mile ride home. (YES. I'm holding on to that .1 - it was more than 11 miles!!)
4. Italian Spidini with Bagna Cauda –Skewered sourdough bread and fresh mozzarella cheese are brushed with olive and browned until crispy and melty. Served on a bed of roasted grape tomatoes and drizzled with hot bagna cauda – a sauce made with anchovy, garlic, lemon and olive oil.
5. Black bean chili. Amazing.
6. Early Summer Risotto – Carnaroli rice from Italy perfectly showcases early summer vegetables. Fresh morels and English peas will be its staples along with the last of this year’s asparagus and fresh herbs.

I keep whispering to Mike, "This is like food you'd see on Top Chef!" Am obviously so classy and high brow.
Country Roads
On the way home. Did I mention I rode TWENTY TWO POINT TWO MILES? Oh, okay. I'm just proud of myself. (I may have pumped my fists in the air at the end, shouting, "I did iiiiiiit!!")

Wondering about my bike riding attire for the trek?
biking shorts?
Let's just say...I learned my lesson. Short shorts + long bike ride = Thighs that hate you.

It was truly a weekend of bike riding - Friday I rode about 5 miles going downtown to (finally, after more than TEN MONTHS) change my name.

Saturday...well, I think I've blathered on ENOUGH about Saturday.

Today, we rode about 8 miles to and from breakfast and Trader Joe's. An old woman in a wheel chair yelped, "Well! Isn't that a smart way to save gas!" as we climbed on our bikes. We smiled and she said, "I'm proud of you."

Yes, friends, ride your bike and you'll get love and praise from old women in wheelchairs. Score.

{We've already spent $160 and the month is only half over - Mike is really pushing me to try and go car-free. I'm just way too scared/anxious/cautious. More on that saga to come, I'm sure...}


  1. how cute are you and your parents?!?!

    yay for yellow springs!

  2. OMG YOU DO look so much like your MOM!!

    I am so proud of you for the 20+miles. You go girl!!

  3. That is a great picture of you and your parents. Adorable! Love the barn picture, very picturesque and the shorts and the bike, ouch. Well at least you know for next time. At least it wasn't velvet pants or something.

  4. Great pics! I would have to agree, you don't look anything like your mom! =)

  5. "Top Chef food"--heh. You could be their food photographer!

  6. i am so happy you had fun!! I love all of the picutures....

  7. It looks like y'all had an amazing weekend! I absolutely adore street fairs, too! And that bike ride? Nice job! I agree with the old woman -- you've impressed me, too!


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