Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cleveland. Truly. ROCKS.

So, maybe you've heard. I'm moving here.This may be my Exposaroonie entry. Yes, technically not my home YET. In not too long, though it WILL be. So there.

OUR NEW HOME!! (Not to keep, just to be in for a year.)

Our bedroom?

Our office?

A real. live. kitchen. WITH A DISHWASHER. Albeit a dishwasher from 1971, but a dishwasher NONETHELESS!! There's some interesting colors in this place. It's great

After the excitement of seeing our new house, we OF COURSE ran right out to the bike shop to splurge on a new bicycle for Mike. I was bored, so I read our favorite - Traveling Pants! as he completed his transaction.

A real city. I CANNOT WAIT. (Our house is 7.2 miles away, but I've already promised Mike to let us move downtown next year!)

After living in a small city for 5 years, I'm itching to get back to tall buildings and concrete jungles.

In complete awe and SO excited.

Surviving Cleveland police: FAIL.

I spent the 3.5 hour ride home taking a billion pictures of the amazing sky. I'll only subject you to two (UNEDITED!!) pictures:
Seriously gorgeous, right?! Look at that LIGHT!

Gorgeous nature.


  1. wow - that really IS gorgeous!! I'm very excited for you!!!!

    Also? I will be making a pit stop in Cleveland for breakfast on June 27th to meet w/a fellow blogger (Cleveland's Plum)

    So.. I'm REALLY JAZZED now!


  2. Wow that is really gorgeous. I love your nature picture. The house looks awesome! Yeah that wallpaper is a bit "strong" But it's still yours! Congrats

  3. I do love Cleveland!!

    That is a lot of wallpaper in the kitchen! I can't imagine how long it took to hang it!

  4. You really should go over to say hi to Alexa at she is all about her city!

  5. Okay that house is so beautiful! and I definitely think that should be your exposaroonie.

    haha I think the kitchen is fun.. esp since you are only there for a year

  6. Great pics!! That's so exciting that you're moving and already have a house and everything! Awesome :)

  7. That kitchen is crazy. Oh what fun you're going to have.

  8. cleveland! cleveland! cleveland!

    that white building? i live a block away from it!

    also i'm so excited for you to get here!!! i love people with cleveland love, duh!

    also again, your house is friggin adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. So. Much. Fun!

    I am really excited for y'all! It looks fabulous and your house is so freaking cute! I cannot wait to hear all about it -- it's going to be a GREAT adventure!


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