Thursday, June 5, 2008

Peace Be With You

...Because it's blazing hot and I'm all sweaty.
...Because the girl next to me at the gym was blabbing away on her cell phone. (How do people DO THAT?!)
....Because I got really 'effing mad at the people who cut me off when their lane ended. You know those people who drive up fast and then try to merge WAY LATE? That stresses me OUT. I may have flicked someone off...But I didn't show them. [Seriously.]
...Because I'm gearing up to wait in line at the Social Security office tomorrow to change my name. [After ten months, it's time.]
...Because we're driving over 500 miles this weekend with gas realllllly expensive.
...Because I'm missing my friend Eileen come to town this weekend (from! Houston! Argh!).

I need some peace in my day. Here are a few moments that bring me peace....

Tea Peace

...sunshine and road trips...

...and the pond at work...


  1. love the pond.... looks so relaxing.. i could use some of that now!!

  2. I really really dislike when people merge late as well. I however, am not so polite and actually allow them to see my birdie. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I love your photos of what brought you peace. Looking at them soothes me!

    Have fun this weekend!


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