Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Few Things

1. A million, billion thanks for all your wonderful advice. I poured over the comments, soaking up the wisdom, and imagining my pulled-together new look develop before my very eyes as I hit the stores with a new set of ideas and rules. I seriously STUDIED your advice. And I’m totally going to wear an adorable dress on Monday next week. I’m slowly getting used to this. And I spent the entire morning browsing shoe websites. Someone mentioned wearing “kitten heels,” which I wasn’t familiar with (I know! And I call myself a woman.), but I was elated to realize I’m wearing a pair right now! (Thanks, Google images.)

I realize how much more confident I will feel about myself when I’m able to consistently dress well. “My inside will match my outside,” as the What Not to Wear cliché goes.

{Pretty soon, you guys are going to be all, “Shut up!” and “Nooo waaay!” when I bust out in a cute new wardrobe.}

Seriously, THANK YOU.

2. I get to see my dear friend, Eileen, who lives in Texas, this weekend. Before moving to Malaysia in high school, I had the most amazing group of friends…and, amazingly, we’ve stayed really close for the past seven years. I love these girls. They’re the epitome of friendship and I’m very blessed to have them. [::End cheesiness::]

We’ll be enjoying dinner, drinks, and laughter on a restaurant’s patio overlooking the lake tomorrow night, then Saturday night my friend is having a housewarming/bonfire (that sounds odd). Throw in some DVRed Tim Gunn…I mean, Project Runway, a shopping trip with my sister advising me, and some family time, and it promises to be a fantastic weekend.

3. My almost-finished first week of work has been fantastic as far as first weeks go. My coworkers are unbelievably kind and good-natured, the work is going to be rewarding, and working on a college campus is turning out to be so fun! Next week I have two dinner dates, and have already met tons of fun, younger people who work here. I am so grateful. (Plus! I've already been invited to a co-worker book club and have heard whispers that I may have a chance to be hired on after this year!)

4. With our friend, Tipp, out of commission, I’ve taken the reins of her blog today to talk about men vs. women when it comes to blogging. Join the conversation about if the man (or woman) in YOUR life “gets” blogging.

5. Someday soon, I promise I'll get back to important issues. I know my cute cousins, work, and clothing are important, but I'm going to be rocking your world with some great environmental stuff. Watch out!

...Have a great afternoon, and excuse me while I go putz around on Old Navy's Women's Wear to Work!


  1. YAY!!! I am glad all the advice helped...

    I check oyu out at Tipp's Blog today - awesome job.. Maybe you could guest Blog for me one day if needed!!

  2. Can't wait to see your new pretty outfits!

  3. i missed your previous post boo hoo. but, i too am looking forward to your new wardrobe!

  4. Wow looks like you have some great stuff going on! And I too can't wait to see all your cute new outfits (and SHOES!) Oh how I love shoes.. Sigh...

  5. Sorry I missed the fashion moment but kitten heels? EXCELLENT.

  6. Ah glad you discovered the kitten heels! Look forward to seeing the new creations!

  7. Just a thought... You can get cute outfits at the thrift store. Salvation Army in my area is really nice, and I got Old Navy jeans there for $4! And I think they've been barely worn. This will help you stay inline with your environmental goals and will leave less of a dent in your budget.

  8. "I realize how much more confident I will feel about myself when I’m able to consistently dress well. “My inside will match my outside,” as the What Not to Wear cliché goes."

    Totally know what you mean by that, and yet I still can't be bothered to dress well for work (partly b/c it just doesn't really matter what I wear), but that attitude has definitely changed my shopping habits for the better! I'm a LOT more picky with what I spend my money on now (and rightfully so, heehee) :)

  9. Apparently I'm commenting like a fiend, chatting up two of your posts in a row! Insanity.

    I forgot to mention hitting up Gap when they have hardcore clearances. It's a total pain to go through their disorganized racks of markdowns, but you can find some fantastic ish hidden away there.

    Also meant to tell you my sister was hired as a host at the restaurant. That'll be quite the experience, to say the least!

  10. Yeah for the wardrobe advice!!! Have a good wknd!

  11. I'm so glad the fashion advice was helpful. Feel free to e-mail with any follow up questions or images you would like opinions on :) I'm happy to help! Glad you had a good first week, that is so encouraging.

  12. hope your weekend was just as fabulous as you expected it to be =)


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