Friday, September 26, 2008

Finding a Old Disposable Camera...

Is sort of like finding $20 bucks in your pocket.

An unexpected surprise.

There's nothing quite like the mystery of film cameras - you take some pictures and then forget about them until they're developed. With digital cameras, you can take the same shot 20 times to get it just right, and you know exactly what it'll look like.

A film camera is sort of like a grab bag - you never know what you'll get.

Finding old pictures can make you smile, laugh, sigh, and remember.

Let me share these pictures with you...from June and July of this year.

One of the lovely characters from my old job at an after school program. He had a laugh like you would not believe, and wasn't able to control it, either.

Ah-dorable little children - the siblings of one of my students. Too cute for words, you guys.

And now! Pictures from Cedar Point. Let's hear it for sunny days, cousins and roller coasters!

The oh-so-wonderful Tim joined some of my family (35 of my aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins) on our Cedar Point trip.
My lovely Mel was scared of roller coasters before this trip. After my 9-year-old cousin dragged her on Millennium Force, she got over it. (Isn't 9-year-old cousin a little California dreamboat surfer boy? So. Cute.)

The cool kids. I love that we ranged in age from 15-27. Rock on.

Raptor! Quality camera, obviously. (Mel looks adorable at all times. It's not fair. If she wasn't 5' - she'd be a model.)

Muscle men. (Seriously? My 9-year-old cousin has bigger biceps than me. Not. Cool.)

I so took this picture on the roller coaster. Totally breaking the "no camera on the ride" rule. That's right - what now, Cedar Point?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

And make sure to watch the debate tonight. :) (Uh, if you vote and/or are a US citizen. Or still watch it and make fun of American politics. I'm okay with that, too.)


  1. It is always fun to come across an old disposable camera. I <3 Cedar Point!

  2. those pics are too cute and scream "summer fun!"

  3. These pictures are SO fun and boy am i glad that you brought up the incredible handsomness of your little cousin b/c i wouldve felt horrible thinking it all on my lonesome ;)
    no but seriously, he is ridiculously adorable! the girls must LOVE him! his poor poor mama :D

    btw, i LOVE the last pic of you. LOVE it! hehe. you too cute.

  4. That last one is so fun. I used to love having disposable cameras around because I would always forget to take them in and be surprised by the results. It's funny how much technology has changed just since we were in high school even.

  5. the pictures are so awesome ashley, seriously. everyone looks so.. exuberant in them =)

  6. How fun! Yayay! That's exactly why I held off on getting a digital camera for so long - I thought it would take the fun and excitement out of getting the pics developed. It's always so thrilling to go pick up the film and check out the pics inside - and finding an old disposable is even better! What a surprise! All of your pics were so full of joy and fun! You are adorable. And yes, you should come hang out with us! We would have so much fun!

  7. I love finding old photos! That's such a nice trip down memory lane. Great pictures.

  8. That last picture is absolutely fantastic!

  9. how awesome are those!!! the one you took of yourself on the roller coaster is classic!

  10. how awesome... i love good fins like that!!

  11. Everytime I go back to my parents house I look through old photos. Nothing makes me happier!

  12. Disposable cameras are pretty fantastic because they hold so much good stuff, even if half of them are out of focus. (At least that was the way with the disposables I used -- yours look pretty good.)

    Those photos are too funny!

  13. That last picture is absolutely fantastic!


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