Thursday, September 18, 2008

Many Paths to this One Blog.

Let's be Friends:

crafty apartment: Ooh, that's me. Now if only we can find someone teach me how to organize all my craftiness that is strewn about our place, that'd be grand!

library lovin: I practically preach about the wonders of the public library. Uh-maze-eeng.

skinny chandler: Wasn't skinny Chandler kinda cute?! Yes, and much less depressing than when got addicted to drugs or whatever. Oh, skinny Chandler. Come back to TV.

awkward apartment: Maybe you just need to add a little bit of color on your walls, a few rugs, and hang some pictures. That should help make it less awkward. If not, get rid of your awkward roommate.

fun apartments with slide: Can I come over and play!? That sounds fantastic!

How to's:

how to make a pop tart popsicle: Do those things really exist?! If so, give me one. (Although, could you make it without that high fructose corn syrup junk, pretty please!?)

how to make your own slip and slide: Water + tarp = fun.

how to do a slip and slide without a house: See above. Although, if you're trying to do it in your apartment, see YouTube for tutorials. And be careful.

You know me so well:

indecision grad school career: Uh, yeah - that about sums me up. Might as well search for "20 something who is clueless, indecisive, and without a future." Hmph.

colour of shoes to go with deep red outfit: Why, yes, I do exploit those who read my blog by pestering them with endless questions about fashion questions. :)

20 something and careers: Ha! Career? What's that?

apartments that don't recycle: Geez, don't you hate those places!? They're the worst. Stinkin' apartments that don't recycle, grrr.

And wha-ha?

is a sista gram cancer? I have nothing. Does any of that sentence make sense?

noah's ark made from popsicle sticks: That's quite an ambitious plan, my friend. [And it makes me want to go back to VBS. If you know what VBS is - high five, yo.]

showering in jeans: Bad. Idea. Jeans get really heavy when they're wet.

cars dot com brownies: Oh, sweetie, you can type that in the ADDRESS BAR at the top of the screen. See? Like this: So easy! Then, bring me some brownies. NOW. [Yum. Now I'm going home to back brownies!]

delicious leggo spaghetti: Leggo as in "Leggo my Eggo" as in commercials from 90's? Sweet. Except I don't know about waffles and spaghetti. Spaghetti...good. Waffles...good. Leggo Spaghetti? Not so good.

coffee and profuse bleeding: Get. to. a. doctor. NOW. (Also? Ew.)

Annnnd...the one that takes the cake (and possibly, my innocence):

free videos litle virgin children hot: So disturbed, get away from my website you psycho from COSTA RICA. (That's right! I looked up your IP address, what now!?)


  1. AND I love you for the last line alone. That is all.

  2. I thought skinny Chandler was WHEN he was on drugs? and that's why he was so skinny?

    and that last one, SO SCARY!

  3. Oh man... I love the keyword posts - and yours was too hilarious! I've been meaning to do this too but i don't think my keywords are as strange and er, disturbing (ah! costa rica man! AH!) as yours. Alla your comments in response to the keywords was the best part! You are the cutest!

  4. It's hilarious to me just what people search for and stumble upon a blog for. That last one? Awful.

    I've had quite a few interesting searches, too.

  5. "awkward apartment" sounds like a self-help/DIY book that's just dying to be written.

  6. I was going to blog about this's so funny what people search for and come to my blog!

  7. i love the way you broke them into sections. love.

    and coffee and profuse bleeding?! whaaaaaaaaaaat?

  8. Skinny Chandler = awesome. I know what VBS stands for. And also, how do you actually figure out what people search for that leads them to your blog? That sentence was worded extremely poorly, but I think you might catch my drift. Assist a struggling blogger, sister!

  9. Wow the last one was awesome. I'm so jealous, my searches are so lame in comparison! I must start skanking-up my blog.

  10. such a great list!!! i love making the slip and slide too. The kids I babysit do it all the time - but I add dish soap to make them go faster!! LOL

  11. hahah, lovely list miss!

    i want to talk to whoever wanted to know about showering in jeans. i mean really, is that even something that needs to be searched? bad idea, clearly.


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