Monday, October 13, 2008

I Will Never Say "Vlog," Though.

This weekend I...

Made some delicious homemade donuts (from scratch, of course.)...
(I'll be sharing the recipe and illustrated steps this week...Get excited!)

Saw the leaves change colors before my very eyes...

Paid less for gas than I have in months...

Adored sister's new hair cut and babies...

Edited tons of pictures (some of which I will share soon...)

Mike and Ashley

Oh, and talked to you in the car (about nothing at all)...

So, yeah, I guess I decided to enter that contest everyone's been talking about. :) Shhh, don't tell Mike. He'd totally make fun of me!


  1. Omg cheap gas, it's like 60-70 cents more here!!! Video blogging in the car woohoo!!!! You don't sound funny :)

  2. Ahhh you are so cute! Just like I imagined! Not that sit around thinking what you would sound like or anything, but still.

  3. I think the only hope of continuing blogging is to video blog. Must do it soon! Did you do yours with a camera phone??????


  4. Seeing as I used to put mascara on in the car, I can't comment on that being dangerous!

    BTW, you are adorable!

  5. hehe that was so cute.I am impressed you were able to drive and video, if that were me then I would end up in a ditch-that would be quite a video entry though

  6. YUM! I want homemade donuts!

    And I think I agree with you on the word vlog...I feel like I'm saying blog with an Eastern European accent...

  7. Ooooh, HATE the word "vlog." Maris is right - it sounds like "blog" with an Eastern European accent.

    It's barely bearable if people say it "vee-log," I guess. But what's so hard about just saying "video blogging"?

    Also, you are adorable. And despite being 26 years old I still have a slight lisp, so maybe the video camera did mess up your Ss but I didn't even notice!

  8. ok, you are amazing for being able to drive and video blog all while looking so adorable!!!

    Thanks for participating!!

  9. Wow you are super multi-talented to vlog while driving. And the homemade donuts look amazing.

  10. For some reason I can't explain I thought it was pronounced vee-log! Good thing I never tried to say it out loud.

  11. I love it! I'm inspired. And you are adorable! I would be a hot mess trying to drive and video at the same time.

  12. Awwww!!! You are adorable! And guess what -- I think your voice sounds like Alexis Bledal! Sooo cute! Love it. And yeah, you got some mad skills for driving and video blogging! Love that picture of you and your boy. So cute! And yes, I'm always late everywhere so I can relate!

  13. those donuts look so awesome.. i want to make donuts....

    and i love your sister's haircut too.. so cute!

  14. ah! you are ADORABLE!!!! i wish we lived closer so we could be real friends and not blogging friends. sigh. i know, i'm creepy.
    btw- wow you guys have cheep gas! i paid $1 more per gallon than that just yesterday!

  15. TOO CUTE you are!

    your sister's hair = adorable and so is her baby.

    homemade donuts - totally jealous and wanting some.

    picture of the skyline = gorgeous.

    loved this post!

  16. ooooh, the donuts look delish!!

    and the pictures are adorable.. as are you in the video! love it! =)

  17. hahaha. i LOVE your video blog!! you're so cute

  18. You are so hilarious! I love this! At first I was all, "Um, is she driving? Or is she in Europe where the cars are messed up like that?" Heehee. You are adorable and I love you even more after this.


    Oh, and your sister's haircut is freaking adorable! How irritating! Ooookay, just kidding. I'm just jealous short hair doesn't work on me. That's all.

    And one more thing? Donuts. Yum.

  19. Those donuts look DELISH. And the vlog? So cute! Your voice doesn't sound weird at all!

    This makes me want to do that...


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