Sunday, November 30, 2008

An Important Conversation. With Myself.

Dear Body,

Oops. I've kind of treated you badly lately. First, it got all cold outside, so I stopped going outside for walks and runs.

Then, it was Thanksgiving weekend, and I ate twelve thousand pounds of food.

Yesterday, I tried on a pair of thin jeans and could see my cellulite through the material. What have I done to you!? (Not to mention the flabby upper arms that poked out of my tank top. Winter means my body goes into hibernation.)

Now, I've given you a sore throat and I just know that it's because I've been choosing junk over veggies.

It's not about feeling like you look bad, it's about feeling bad because I've neglected you.

I'm sorry.

Let's start over. I'm not waiting for New Year's, either. That's a whole month away. (Also: 2009 is only 31 days away!?)

But first, let's eat some peanut butter pie and drink some Silk Nog. And then, seriously, I'll take better care of you.

How does the treadmill sound? How about some yoga?


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  1. My body and I have heart to hearts like this fairly often. There's a book regarding eating according to authentic hungers that an author recommended to me once. I forget what it's called, but I think it'd be a good buy.

  2. I need to follow your advice and get my butt in gear. The problem is, I can't workout yet until I go to the doctor's again =(

  3. I'm with you girl. I have a monster cold at the moment, and I know without a doubt it is because of the massive amounts of sugar and crap that I ate this weekend. When your body is used to getting treated well most of the time, it punishes you ruthlessly when you cheat. I am starting my new year's resolution tomorrow (once I stop sniffling). :)

  4. aww that is really a great letter to yourself. I can totally relate!

  5. Oh my god, this is totally how I feel about my body, just 10x worse.

    I never exercise & I've got cellulite for days end. My poor body. :[

  6. My body highly recommends the yoga!

  7. Please edit said letter to also be from me to MY body.

  8. My body is craving some pilates I think.

    Has anyone had any success with it?

  9. Ha, I don't think my body will get looked after over Christmas either. It might be happy with all the food though...

  10. Very good call - I'm with you on this, I've been trying to stave off the Thanksgiving and Christmas weight gain - and so far I've been very successful!

    I've started walking home from work & taking the puppies for walks at every chance. It's tough some times, but worth it. Good luck!

  11. I'm afraid to get on a scale... Maybe tomorrow I'll be brave enough and at least see the damage.

  12. Can I borrow this letter? I could tell my body the exact same thing. Sigh.

  13. Eeeeek I really need to get to the gym or go for a super lonnnnng walk to do some Taebo (yeah, I'm from the 90s! ha.) or something. anything!

  14. This is cute. And I agree that it's silly to wait for New Year's. Although I also can't believe that New Year's is so soon.

  15. meee too! I really want to get back into yoga. I've just been super lazy


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