Sunday, November 16, 2008

The One with the F*R*I*E*N*D*S

I've spent over seven hours today watching Friends while I've sewed, stamped, and crafted.

It's no secret that I adore that show. It brings me so many memories and makes my heart smile. I don't feel like writing, so...bullets!
  • I wasn't allowed to watching Friends growing up, and actually started running because I wanted to go down to our apartment's exercise room and watch Friends when I was in high school.
  • Roommates, sisters, and friends who love Friends as much as I do and who quote and reference constantly. (Mike is always teasing me for relating an episode of Friends to my life. Well, THEY ARE REAL TO ME, okay?! Hrmph)
  • My senior year of college, Holly had never watched Friends (I know!) and proceeded to watch the entire series from start to finish. It was awesome. And provided more opportunities to procrastinate. Booyah.
  • The many conversations about "Which Friends character are you most like?" (I maintain that I'm a healthy mix of Monica and Phoebe. Slightly odd, unusual, and creative with a streak of unreasonable competitiveness, too often uptight, and a rule-follower. Don't I sound like fun?)
  • I just adore the characters. I want to hang out at Central Perk with them. I want to go running with Phoebe. (Is this pathetic?)
  • Why weren't there 25 more seasons? Just a question. I could stand to have more episodes in my life.

What about you? Do you love the show? Why? Which character are you most like? Which episode(s) do you love? Am I the only one who feels an affection for the characters?


  1. 85% of the things that happen in my life remind me of Friends. I'm definitely Chandler. And the thing that really excites me NOW, watching re-runs, is that I'm actually the same age as them! I totally get it now. It's like we're growing up together.

  2. You will always be the goddess who got me hooked on this show (you and, of course, Kathryn). I spent a healthy part of my evening tonight watching it, actually. I plan on watching still more. I like to think of myself as a mix of Phoebe and Monica and Chandler... definitely on the eccentric side, with neurotic OCD tendencies and a cracked out sense of humour thrown in for good measure.

    Favorite quote from tonight's watching spree (not favorite quote ever or anything... sweet lord there are FAR too many to choose simply one!)... "Handle is my middle name! Actually, it's the middle part of my first name." Oh, Chandler.

  3. I love Friends, though I do have every season on DVD, I have honestly not watch it in a while. It's been hard to just sit (And craft!) and watch it. BUT you have definitely inspired me to do so, hopefully soon :) My fav episode ever is The One With All The Cheesecakes!!!!!

  4. Yeah, I wasn't allowed to watch it either. Then I went away to school and my roommate had them on DVD and I completely binged on them my freshman year. It was AWESOME.

  5. I used to relate things happening in my life to episodes of Friends. Now I relate them to things from SATC!

    Do you have Friends Scene-It? It's hours of fun!

  6. I am the same age as Jennifer Aniston and the Friends characters really did mirror my early 20's. That and Seinfeld really capture the decade for me.

  7. I don't think I like Friends to the extent you do...but it is one of the few things I can watch over and over and still enjoy!

  8. You can tell that I'm just as big a Friends fan as you because I totally picked up on the Phoebe/hilarious runner comment. Yeah, the one show I will never get tired of!

  9. I love Friends so much. It's sick, really. I own all 10 seasons and I've spent many, many days watching it 7+ hours straight. Which means I'm a huge loser like you. Or that we're both TOTALLY AWESOME.

    "What a cool job. You have two new messages. Please pass the pie."

    ps- I love you more with every single post, haha :)

  10. I have every season on DVD. I haven't sat down and watched a full episode in a while, but whenever my boyfriend is flipping through channels and pauses on Friends for more than a second, I say, "This is the one where..." and then start reciting lines from the episode even after he moves onto the next channel. It's a sickness.

    I am probably most like Monica, but also have some quirky moments like Phoebe. My favorite two episodes are the one where the girls lose the apartment playing Ross' game of who knows who better ("A transponster? That's not even a WORD!") and the one where everyone finds out about Chandler and Monica.

  11. Yes, I love Friends. If a re-run is on? I'm watching it. And if I had to choose I would be a mix of Monica and Rachel.

  12. I love Friends! I have to watch the reruns if I come across them. I also love pulling up youtubes of my favorite episodes.

    I really want to watch it now. I wish I had the dvds!

  13. I love FRIENDS! LOVE it do you hear me? haha in highschool a bunch of us would get together and watch it, that show still makes me laugh out loud

  14. I laughed at "they're real to me."
    I always liked Phoebe's many rings.

  15. I love watching Friends. It is guaranteed to cheer me up. I'm most definitely Monica, and Cale is Chandler.. so we're meant to be right? haha. My favorite is when Monica proposes to Chandler. I wasn't allowed to watch it when I was little either. My mom sat down with me to watch a test episode to see if I was going to be allowed to watch it. and it was the one with Chandler's third nipple. The second my mom heard nipple the TV turned off. LOL. We still joke about it because now I'm obsessed with the show.

  16. I love how much you love Friends! It's adorable!

    I've always loved Friends but now I think I really should buy the box sets so I can watch the series from start to finish! Fun!

    I've always thought of myself as a wacky (now once again) veggie Phoebe ... but maybe mixed with the fashion loving side of Rachel -- and her lack of cooking skills!

  17. oh i LOVE friends. my favorite =)

    i'm definitely a rachel-joey.

  18. I was seriously at a dinner party the other night that served hummus and I HAD to break into Phoebe and exclaim, "Hummus, I got the Hummus!"

    Yeah, a few people got it, but not enough. BUT YOU WOULD HAVE!

  19. i love, love, LOVE FRIENDS! love it. things in my life are constantly reminding me of something that happend on Friends. you should get the friends scene it board game. so fun! i love all of the thanksgiving episodes. sooo funny!

  20. I'm definitely Monica! And I was SOOOOO sad when the show ended. What were they thinking?!? That's really funny about you watching it in the work-out room! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! =)

  21. I always use Friends episodes in real life. "Oh, this is just like that episode of Friends where..." It always applies! :)
    It's probably my most favorite show EVER!

  22. Hands down, the greatest show ever made.

    I know you understand me when I say that I could bring a Friends reference into basically every conversation, every situation, every day.

    (And sometimes I do. Which is a little awkward.)

    I wasn't allowed to watch it when I was younger, either. (I don't blame my parents. They made me a good kid. Heehee.) One of my besties had the entire series on DVD (I borrowed it a couple years ago) and once I had control of that, it was all over.

    I used to always want to be Rachel, just because of, well, the hair. But really? I'm SUCH A MONICA. Watching that show makes me laugh even harder because of it.

    Someday you and I and all our Friends-loving blogging friends will meet up for a marathon. And, oh, there will be popcorn.


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