Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Worth it Wednesday: Caffeine Addiction, er, Edition.

I talked a lot in the beginning of this blog about coffee; particularly, how to use a reusable mug at a coffee shop. In case you were wondering what travel coffee-tea-hot chocolate mug I use, wonder no more!


Worth: It's $19.95 at Amazon right now. (Great gift idea: I got this a few Christmases ago with a Starbucks gift card inside. It was seriously one of my favorite Christmas gifts. Ever.)

Works For: Drinking coffee, hot chocolate, iced tea, hot tea, whatever the heck you want to put in here!

What I Love: So, so many things. The body is stainless steel, which lasts longer than plastic - I've had it for nearly three years and it looks GREAT. Plus, plastic is awful for the environment - and changes the flavor of hot drinks (and possibly leaches harmful chemicals into your coffee - ew!). Also, it keeps your drinks hot or cold for hours since it's super insulated - I'm serious, hours, people. It fits into a normal cup holder and the top is made of plastic and silicone. I haven't even told you the best part: IT DOESN'T LEAK EVER. I can pour coffee in my mug, click the top closed, and toss it in my purse. No leaking. No spilling coffee on me or in my purse. It's amazing. That alone is a reason to get this mug. Annd...I need to stop not because people are going to start thinking I'm getting paid to do this. (Which, I'm not. Oh, how I wish sitting in my PJs blogging was my job.)

(PS: I'm not the only one who adores it, it has 168 customer rievews on Amazon with an average of 4 stars!)
Check out the top that clicks open and closed. Awesome!

What I Wish: The top is kind of hard clean out since there are a billion seals. I've used q-tips to reach every crevice up in there. Kind of gross, right? Oh well, such is the price you pay for NEVER LEAKING EVER. (Still excited about that, apparently.)


  1. That is an absolutely fantastic cup. I might need to look into getting one of those.

  2. Awesome! I totally just added that to my Christmas wish list!

  3. I have this too and it's aMAAAAZING! The cleaning part is kind of a pain, but it's not that bad if you wash it right after use, and it's SO worth it. Great review :-)

  4. oh, thank you for posting this, it is exactly what I need!

    I bought a travel mug from Tully's that has the worse leaking top ever. It drives me insane that I have to hold the mug so carefully as I'm trying to walk.

  5. That mug is absolutely fantastic! I may have to get one of those for the caffeine addicts in my life. ;)

  6. Great review. This is super cool. I just need to start drinking coffee :)

  7. I'm allergic to caffeine. Sad but true.


    i need this asap. i spill absolutely everything.

    .. i love worth it wednesdays, ps.

  9. oh my, i need a coffee mug that doesn't leak!! that's my biggest problem i find with them. thank you for this!

  10. i am sooo getting this for Brian for his stocking for xmas.... yay!!!

  11. That cup sounds pretty stellar -- especially cuz I know how much you love your coffee! You cutie coffeehead!


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