Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh, and I Haven't Got Any Christmas Presents Yet.

As promised, it was a busy couple of days. I jetted four hours down to Dayton for a work retreat, then jetted back in time for our party. And now, I'm safely nestled back home for the next ten days.

Wait. There's only ten days until Christmas?!

Highlights include:
  • A thousand cries of "Ms. Ashley!" when I walked into the room.
  • Swarms of children hugging me...the ultimate mood boost.
  • "Ms. Ashley, will you come back? The new teachers are boring."
  • Drinking several bottles of wine with three of the finest people I know.
  • Not having a headache the next day. (I get "hungover" after ONE glass of wine sometimes. ONE!)
  • Work gossip, five months I leave the place.
  • Seeing a friend before she left to move across the country to Portland.
  • One of "those" nights. {The kind of night when you hang out for hours on end, just talking. Change in on the horizon, but for now - a cozy conversation and laughter is perfect.}
  • Taking a personality test and finding that "art director" and "graphic designer" were in my top ten career choices. Score.
  • Continuing to be "middle of the road" in my personality. I'm a little bit of everything, really. It doesn't make me wishy-washy, it makes me adaptable!
  • Playing hide-and-go-seek with an adorable 5-year-old with dimples and a blonde braid.
  • Etsy! What a blessing Etsy has been - both with my lil' shoppe as a creative outlet, and with all the other awesome shops that inspire me and that give me hope for being my own independent business someday. (Not to mention, give me awesome gifts!)
  • Getting into a huge, long discussion/intervention with Mike about my future career (er, lack of direction.). I ended up crying and completely depressed. I'm so pretty.
  • UGLY SWEATER PARTY! My first party, outside of college, that I helped host. And, in true Ashley-style, we only decided a week beforehand to throw it.
  • Amazing baked brie. Amazing, people.
  • Turning two friends onto green olives and cream cheese, aka: The best snack, ever.
  • Opening a wine bottle sans corkscrew. With a butter knife. I am awesome, huh?
  • My new scarf from the scarf exchange from Sarah:
New Scarf!
She's so adorable and thoughtful. She picked this one out because it was natural colors and small "so as to not overwhelm" my small frame. Adorable! (She also bought it from Etsy, to support "small business owners like yourself" and recycled all the packaging! What a doll.)


  1. You are freaking adorable. The end.

  2. Ugly sweater partieds are soooo much fun!! i know people who've had them... Hilarious!!!

  3. I love baked brie so very, very much. We served it at our wedding.

    And totally off topic, I finally got a Diva Cup. You are the only person who will care, so I'm telling you!

  4. You opened a wine bottle with a butter knife? Can you please explain how? Are you made of magic???

  5. I'm totally impressed that you were able to open the wine bottle with a butter knife. That had to be some important wine, huh? ;)

    Also, you're adorable. I love that you're being so crafty. And I wish I could be just as crafty as you, but alas, I cannot sew or be crafty. C'est la vie -- I'm living vicariously through you!

  6. AWE! such an adorable picture. and such a cute scarf to top it off!

    am so happy to see all the lovely things that went on in your past few days :)

  7. I've always wanted to go to an ugly sweater party. Have fun!

    p.s. really cute scarf!

  8. What a gorgeous scarf! I love etsy.

  9. i haven't bought a christmas present yet either. no pressure.

  10. your scarf is just perfect on you--- it sounds like you got a great partner indeed. :) What a gorgeous picture of you, by the way!!

  11. I just started my Christmas shopping tonight! I'm so far behind!

  12. MS. ASHLEY!

    Beautiful scarf - and don't forget the etsy shop owners who forget to send you your purchases! Those people are fun too, right? ;)

  13. You're too cute! I love the scarf too. Looks great on you!

  14. Did you say wine and baked brie?

    Um, yeah, once again: I LOVE YOU.

  15. Your scarf is super cute!! Wasn't the Scarf Exchange uber fun!

  16. You are adorable! I already told you on Twitter that you and John are scarf twinsies but again, I think the scarf really suits you! Love the colors ... well, duh since I picked it out to make for John's scarf. Ha. ;)

    Your party sounds like so much fun! And I know the food was SO yummy! I wanna come to the next party!


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