Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Worth it Wednesday: Functionally Ugly.

Dude! I haven't done a Worth it Wednesday in, like, YEARS. (Or, okay, a month.)


Winter has found it's way to my neighborhood and has set up camp for, oh, four or five months. The house we're currently living in has wood and ceramic floors, which means my feets get COLD. Enter, the oh-so-ugly, but so-grea- I-won't-take-them-off-my-feet-ever:


Worth: Anywhere from $46-$11 (They're $11.01 on Sierra Trading Post right now!)

Works For: Cold tootsies. They're not to hot to wear in cool weather, but warm enough to wear in a very cold house.

What I Love: They're made of boiled wool, which is super natural. And the perfect amount of warmth - not so hot you're feet get sweaty (ew!), but your feet stay remarkably warm. Awesome. The sole is lightly padded (and gummed, whatever that means.) - so they're much lighter than shoes - perfect for lounging and putzing around in the kitchen or craft room.

What I Wish: Let's face it - these aren't much to look at. But they come from Austria, so I guess I can forgive their ugliness because ohmygoshmyfeetsaresocomfy!


  1. Hmmm you could embellish them with something cute to make up for that ;) I hear ya though, house has mostly tile floors. SO COLD!

  2. Those sound fantastic and anything that can keep my little tootsies warm doesn't have to look drop dead gorgeous.

    I second alyssa's comment about embellishing them with something cute, some buttons or ribbon perhaps?

  3. Amazing!!

    I think there is a *lot* to be said for uglying things up a little - and if I can be warm too, then that's perfect!

    As an aside, you can't buy the boiled wool that makes up these things for $11.00 - that's a crazy deal, thank you!

  4. i bet you totally rock those ;D

  5. I've seen those slippers all over the place and they look so comfy. I should have put them on my Christmas list.

    My great-grandmother was from Austria, and going on the one rather scary picture we have of her, I'd say those slippers are better looking, but probably just as sturdy.

  6. Oo, I really need some sort of foot-warming slipper device. However, you are right that those aren't much to look at. Still, I'll consider it!

  7. I currently don't have a pair of slippers, and am always sneaking my girlfriend's on when she's not looking. which is fine, except, slippers aren't exactly the easiest thing to hide.

    another great WIW, miss :)


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