Monday, January 26, 2009

A Shop Update & An Attitude Adjustment.

I think I'm way overdue for a little Joyful Star shop update. I've spent this month stocking up - creating new things and custom orders and all kind of goodness.

I am really excited about one of my newest items: reusable coffee cup sleeves made of recycled felt. You can slip them on over your paper coffee cup - they're cute, keep your fingers cool (or warm), and reduce your waste. This is totally me - an item that reduces waste and is made from recycled plastic bottles. (I think my heart might just die from happiness.)

New Etsy Creations.

(clockwise from top left): fuchsia + apple green key rings, $2 (+free shipping). funky argyle checkbook cover, $7.50. simply hello cards, $4. fuchsia [java] - reusable felt coffee cup sleeve cozy, $7. wearing my heart on my sleeve - reusable felt coffee cup cozy, $7. simply hello stickers, $1.50 per sheet. purple houses boxy pouch, $5. scroll tree cards, $4.

In other non-Etsy news...

Today started out awful. I woke up unreasonably grumpy (I was getting annoyed with Mike because he didn't have to get out bed as early as I did. Seriously, self?) My thumb is infected and swollen for some reason, my pants were too tight, I spilled toothpaste on my work shirt after I was already running late, and I'm thisclose to breaking up with winter for good. I was annoyed with my camera for not taking better pictures. I was annoyed with my house for cleaning itself. My roommate's teenage cousin died today and as I took her to get some comfort food (McDonalds...ew.), I was annoyed with myself for being so petty with all my annoyances.

The day ended with Mike reading to me the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. It was that kind of day. ("No, Mike, I am not experiencing thoughts of suicide over the weather. Blerg. I am just annoyed and sad and cold.")

In an effort to combat the bad day (and subsequent slippery slope to horrible break down due to a condition known as Cleveland Winter), I'm going to be listing five good things every day for the next month. Look over to the right for my little widget. (Sorry, Michelle Woo, I am not as cool as your Post It note-slash-pushpin, okay? And, yes, I am too lazy to link to your name. And yes, I am working on this positive attitude thing. Hrmph.)

Five Good Things.

1. Two-bite brownies.
2. Cable television on the treadmills.
3. Feeling strong enough to run farther than I did last week.
4. Sore muscles from yesterday's weight lifting.
5. Adobe Creative Suite 4 and Photobooth. Love.


  1. I love the idea of listing 5 positive things each day!
    I'm really enjoying your blog :)

  2. I am SUCKING at the happy-list-post-it-slash-pushpin thing because I am a huge grump this week, too. Let's eat two-bite brownies together and growl and the world.

  3. oh i LOVE that keychain!
    + cup sleeve.
    + notecards.
    + everything! ;)

    lovely items friend.

  4. Arrrrgh I love I love! Would you ship to England???

  5. Beggar 2 bite brownies! - after the couple of weeks the Tempewytch household has had I want a full Black Forest Gateau and I'm not sharing!!!

    Those cup covers are wonderful and makes me wish I could still get take out drinks (crutches and trying to carry a large paper cup of tea - not a good combination!)

  6. All of your shop items are so darn adorable!

  7. I love all your new etsy items! So cute. And I can completely relate to your grumpy and annoyed feelings. I felt like that for almost two weeks. Thankfully it's gone now, but I know it's no fun when you're stuck in the middle of it.

  8. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your felt sleeves!!! It makes me wish I used sleeves so i could buy one dangit b/c i would in a heartbeat! I rather like the burning sensation of the cup on my hands and always ask the baristas to keep the sleeve. Also? your checkbook cover makes me wish I used a checkbook still. Your stuff is SO CUTE! and yes i am still going to ask you to do a custom order for me...actually, i'll think i'll convo you on etsy right now! ;D

  9. your sutff is so cute!! I adore those cup sleeves-- what a cute idea.
    and I know what you mean about needing an attitude adjustment-- I've been rather a grumpy-pants lately. I might have to take inspiration from you and list MY five things every day! Lovely idea.

  10. Seasonal Affective Disorder! I totally used to say that I had that, and now Jay won't let me live it down. When ever I'm being weird, he's all, "Awww, looks like you have a case of The Seasons!"

    It's awesome.

    I think that the whole positive attitude thing is always a work in progress - I'm right there with you, my friend. :)

    Oh, and I absolutely ADORE the reusable coffee cup sleeves! I love that you've created an item that is so "you" and that is so unique. The designs are so incredibly adorable! And, of course, I love to see someone else being so creative with felt - because I'm obviously a fan myself. :)

  11. your items are adorable and correction, two bite brownies = GREAT thing :)

  12. I've been missing you on twitter! I hope you are more productive at work=)

    I really LOVE the sleeve for the coffee!

  13. It's snowing right now. . . I will break up with Winter for you!

    I like your happy list. Good stuff!

  14. So pretty! I love the coffee cozy thing!

  15. Ooo, I love those items! Clearly I need to find some extra cash and buy things from your shop ASAP.

  16. Your shop stuff looks awesome! Onto a completely different subject, your photos on your blog always look so great! Do you have any sweet tips you wouldn't mind sharing? I'm trying to improve my shutterbug skills...

  17. I second everything Nicole said.

    I love everything!

  18. Oooh all the new goodies in the shop are uber adorable! I love all the bright fabrics! So fun! And kudos to you for fighting the winter blahs with your 5 positive things list. Maybe I should follow your lead! You good lil influence! :)

  19. I am realizing that it has been WAY too long since I have read your blog, and that could be a major reason why I have been feeling down and out lately. Not even joking. Thank you for sharing your frustrations, and your new creations on Etsy! Once again, I'm inspired to find the things in life that make me happy and work toward my dreams (and start blogging more dangit!!!)

  20. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I adore my coffee sleeve. It makes me happier every time I put it on my coffee cup. :)


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