Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 Reasons I Want to Have Children.

10. A four-year-old farts in the other room and says to himself, "Sometimes I toot a little, sometimes I toot a lot!"

9. An opportunity to buy and read all the awesome books from my childhood. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, anyone?

8. I'm seriously looking forward to homemade baby food. I've told you how addicted I am to making things from scratch.

7. More picture-taking opportunities. I can only take so many photos of myself and scenery. (Is this really a reason? Am I serious? I haven't deleted it apparently, yes, I am.)

6. Cuddling in bed. L kisses me on the cheek.
Me: You're such a sweet boy.
L: You're such a sweet....
Me: A sweet what?
L: A sweet...Ashley! You're such a sweet Ashley.
Me: Melting from cuteness.

5. Lap-sitting, Eskimo-kissing, "this-little-piggy"-toe-wiggling, butterfly kisses, blowing raspberries, and all kinds of kisses, cuddles, and hugs in between.

4. Love. Children will expand my heart in a way nothing else ever has.

3. Baby giggles. I ask you - is there any sweeter sound in the world?

2. Mike will be the BEST DAD EVER. I am not even exaggerating. He is hilarious with children and makes me laugh so much.


The boys. from Ashley Marie on Vimeo.

What about you? If you have children, what have you loved the most? If you want to have children, what are you looking forward to?


  1. Kids are the best. I really love the little things about having kids...the little vignettes left behind by their imaginary play, reading a book with them snuggled in my lap, seeing the world through whole new eyes. You will love it, whenever it happens

  2. When I was a camp counselor, I would write down the crazy things my campers said to get a little laugh and to remind myself just why I love kids so much. While I'm not ready to have my own, I appreciate others kids.

    And Cloudy With a Chance for Meatballs was my FAVE book as a kid!

  3. Ooooh I'm so broody. I teach 6 month old babies up to 4 year olds and they are sooooo cute. And they have THE greatest outlook on life. I think my kids (when I have them!) will make me so much wiser.

    And yes, I think the most BEAUTIFUL thing is a father with his child. I can't wait until my husband (when I get married) is holding our child!

  4. Your #7 sort of reminds me of a comment I literally made to my boyfriend just last night:

    "We better have a lot of kids so I can have an excuse to bake all the time."

  5. This is such a cute post!

    I’m really looking forward to being able to talk to them! Watching them come into personalities and become people. It’s still a Distant Future Thing but it’ll be good when it happens.

  6. Oh my, that was so sweet/cute/funny... you've almost talked me into it!

  7. Aww...where can I start. (more like WHEN can I start??!!) I can't wait to have kids..I feel like I'm ready on the inside but in reality, so not right now! (Umm...obviously, we aren't even married yet!) I am SO excited about all the kid books too, omg...I would buy them right now just to have them... :)

  8. This was so sweet! I have to say my favorite thing so far about having a baby is cuddling with her in the morning. She's all sleepy and warm. :)

  9. that video is so cute I love at the end where his tongue is out to lick the stuffed bear, kids are so awesome.

    I can't wait to have really can't wait and I am just looking forward to watching them explore and learn about things. I also can't wait for my hubby to be a dad he is amazing with kids and everytime I see it my heart melts.

  10. you two will make THE BEST parents, obviously.

    the boys are absolutely adorable, and number seven? totally reasonable =) haha.

  11. i have had babies on the brain, like WHOA. and i don't know why.

    i just love having conversations and listening to the thoughts that come out of their baby brains. and of course, the snuggling.

  12. I have 6 month old twins, a boy and a girl, and have loved making homemade baby food although, so far, they don't love eating it. The best part for me has been that they love me (and my husband) the most. I babysat a lot and loved it but I couldn't wait until I would have little ones that preferred to cuddle with me!

  13. I babysat my friends' 4-year old on Tuesday night and while we were all curled up on the couch watching cartoons, he looks up at me from under his blanket and says, "Sometimes, when I'm in my bed and going to go to sleep, I'm under my covers and it's just SO COMFY that I have to smile."

    After I melted into a giant puddle of that-was-the-cutest-thing-ever!, I realized the truth in that statement and said, "me too, kid."

    I'm not ready for my own yet, but dear god are they amazing!

  14. Okay this is so bad for me! haha! I've been so good lately at convincing myself that I am perfectly happy waiting a while to have children. And really I am. But whenever that time comes? Their stories and imaginations. And having an excuse to be silly.

  15. This post melts my heart. I am so ready for kids it is not even funny. #7 made me giggle. I am tired of stalking the dogs with the camera, I need new material!

  16. those are such great reasons.. I love this list!! i want to make homemade baby food too.. soo much fun!!

  17. Okay that was the cutest video EVER! They're adorable!!!

  18. I just read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs on Tuesday to my class!!! I love that you just gave it total props in your reasons to have kids :)

  19. I love the sounds of kids' laughter and smiles. It just makes me stop and look at things in a different point of view.

  20. I love bedtime - reading books, snuggling, and praying with my boys. So fun!! Especially after a loooooooong day with Papa at the office:)

  21. Wow, you're asking me to talk about kids, I'm in! I live for excuses to talk about my recent obsession with having a baby! Of course a comment is too small, I wrote an entire post about it!

    Love your 10 reason list :)

    Thanks for the excuse!

  22. hehe "my favorite is waaalllleeeee"
    So cute. silly boys in their jammies, i could eat em up!

    My favorite things about my kids? I love their giggles, their senses of humor (they're HILARIOUS!)the way they still ADORE me @ the end of the day, even when i haven't been such a nice mama to them. I love what being a mother has done for me as a person, I have more compassion, a deeper knowledge of love and 2 of the biggest motivators cheering me on to do my best in life; whatever that may be. I love that my kids GET ME. I love that I learn from them on a daily basis, however small the lesson is :)
    My kids are my WORLD, my absolute pride & joy and i dont care how old lady that makes me sound ;D its so true!

    You & Mike are going to be incredible parents, i can't WAIT to read blog entries when that time comes!

  23. I am currently 7 1/2 months pregnant with our first (it's going to be a girl)! Funny thing is that I haven't been around a lot of children until I was preggo. I love how true kids are to themselves and how they see the world through totally brightened views.

    Having a child is probably the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. I have become more responsible, more attentive to others' feelings and most importantly- I am learning how to REALLY love someone unconditionally (well, fiance taught me that too)!

  24. I love this blog! It's so cute! :) I'm looking forward to when they turn 2 and they say the funniest things. Taking pictures would be on my list too! I mean they are your kids and you want to share them. Great list!

  25. I loved this list!! Thank you so much for sharing it! I teach preschoolers twice a week and church and it is a definite blessing!

  26. I have a 7 year old daughter and a son on the way.

    I would say that my favorite thing recently is when my daughter (who is 7!) told me one of her friends googled something at school!

    Really? 7 year olds are googling now? She is going to know more about computers and the internet in the next few years than I do.

  27. In one of Tyler Florence's cookbooks he has a whole section on making baby food from scratch!


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