Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Apparently Peking = Insanely Talented and Crazy.

When my mom sent me an email asking if Mike and I wanted to go see the Peking Acrobats with them, the first thing I thought of was Peking Duck.

Which: ew. Crispy duck skin made for a terrible Easter dinner. I think my mom thought spending Easter dinner at a fancy hotel with a Chinese dinner would be culturally adventurous. It was. It was also one of those situations that warranted a restrained "This is....different," as my father never allowed us to call anything "weird" or "gross."

"What made be weird to you, is normal to other people," he always preached.

(Well, he probably still preaches that. We just don't live in a foreign country anymore.)

Anyway. Fried duck skin on Easter Sunday has nothing to do with acrobats. Which was my point.

On Saturday night, the Akron Civic Theater - which was surprisingly gorgeous - was packed with people enthusiastic to see acrobats throwing themselves in the air and contorting their bodies.

And throw themselves and contort they did.

I spent half the show flinching and covering my eyes - scared someone was going to fall, break their neck, or get stuck with their head touching the back of their thighs. I can't even begin to describe the awesomeness that was this show, but maybe showing you a picture of twelve people on ONE BICYCLE will help.

I think I gasped approximately eleventy billion times.

Watching them even made me want to try to do a pull-up. (You should go see them.)

Now excuse me while I disappear for a few days. I am busy. A wonderful kind of busy that involves me doing what I love to do, but that requires me to step away from blogging for a bit. Don't forget about me, okay?


  1. I......um.....oh my gosh about the bike!

    Take all the time you need...just come back soon! =)

  2. That is a crazy looking show! And we will miss you, but will welcome you back soon!!!

  3. I would love to go see something like that! Or the Cirque du Soleil. That would be AWESOME. Have fun doing what you love! Hurry back though ;)

  4. I love this new term " eleventy" it makes me happy

  5. That looks really cool! I love going to see Cirque Du Soleil. And then the whole show I sit with my mouth open and keep tugging on my DS, "Did you see this? Did you see this?" :)

  6. i love all that acrobatic/circus show type of entertainment.

    enjoy your time doing what you love!

  7. Wow, maybe I should go see them! Because nothing--and I do mean NOTHING--has ever made me want to do a pullup.

  8. Those guys are amazing. I'd love to go see them... I think I'd be gasping constantly too though... I think I held my breath just looking at that picture!

  9. That picture looks like a scene out of a Dr. Seuss book!

    Eric surprised me last week and took me to see Kooza, one of the Cirque du Soliel shows, and I was the same way...gasping every five seconds. I'm pretty sure some of those girls have their organs relocated or something, who can bend like that? Seriously.

  10. Wow! That's incredible! I would have gasped a million times, too!

  11. okay that just sounds so cool. reminds me of cirque, i love those sorts of shows, amazing.


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