Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Six Happy Things.

1. I got a ton of adorable fabric in the last few days and I can't wait to start making some more things to add to my shop! (I recently added a new tote, a wallet, a print, and a zipper pouch.) This weekend, I had a wallet I'd made with me, and my cousins and aunts and all oohed and ahhed over it. It's really encouraging and flattering to share something I've made and have other people admire it.

2. The internet has been more wonderful than I ever dreamed. Not only have I been able to find a way to share my writing, photography, and crafts - I have made really wonderful friends. Fresno, California never meant much to me before Sarah and Jimaie. I seriously wish I lived closer to these lovely ladies. They are sweet and kind and hilarious. (Not to mention have an AWESOME sense of style. And Jimaie works at Starbucks! Yum.) A few weeks ago, Jimaie messaged me for my address and last week I came home to a box of Candy Cane Joe Joe's (in case you missed it, I'd like to have Candy Candy Joe Joe's babies) and baby food cookbooks from her (no, I'm not pregnant! I just want to make baby food!).

Seriously. How sweet is that? I am amazed at how generous and supportive you Internet People are. I honestly love all of you and sometimes hug my computer since I can't really hug you. Wait, did I just admit that?

3. Walking out of Target on Sunday, bamboo sheets in hand for my cousin's bridal shower, I stopped and turned around when I heard, "Excuse me! Excuse me!"

A cute man came running up to me and, out of breath and apologetic, blurted, "Hi, I don't know if you're married, but I just saw you walking by and I had to come say hi because you're very cute."

How adorable is that? And it made my day; I was so flattered. I called Mike and told him:"You're married to a girl so hot that guys come up to her even though she has a wedding ring. Be proud."

He was just worried about the guy's ego. My husband will make a wonderful counselor, don't you think?

4. I've been running outside several times over the last few weeks. This is all kinds of wonderful - it's still light after work, it's warming up outside, and I avoid the treadmill. Hurrah! Plus, I can eat more of the goodies that came (#2).

5. My latest graphic design class has started and I'm pretty sure I'm going to DROWN in Photoshop knowledge, which I'm totally excited about. Teaching myself only gets me so far - learning from a seasoned professional is better than Googling it. I continue to be amazed at the wonderful quality of our community college. Super small class sizes, wonderful instruction, beautiful facilities, and all for one-tenth the cost of attending a private university. Love.

6. In six weeks of work, this is my only full week in the office. This is a Happy Thing, because that means I get to be out of the office to travel a LOT. It's also nice to be cozy and productive for a week amidst the craziness that is the spring semester. (Wait, what? I want to be in a cubicle!?)

I hope your life is bursting with many Happy Things right now.


  1. LOVE your "hello" stickers. As soon as the bills are paid, I must have them for my letters.

    You're a runner! Do you have any tips for someone who wants to try running, now that the weather is starting to get a little nicer?

    P.S. Next time a cute single guy comes up to you, ask if he'd like to meet one of your petite single friends, huh, please? Even if they might not be as cute as you (but possibly as short)! ;)

  2. Jimaie and Sarah ARE awesome! I always see if Jimaie is at Starbucks when I'm there, but I always miss her. :)

  3. Chris and I got bamboo sheets from target for our wedding and LOVE them. Seriously. They are the best.

    Also, where did you find fabric that was not from China? At the regular store?

  4. i would love to try those bamboo sheets, if only there was a target close to me.

    i hope i'm not overstepping any boundaries, but where do you share your photography and writing? on your etsy shop or somewhere else? i'm interested in getting my work out there and i just don't know where to look.

    that's great that you've got some close blogger friends :) everyone i've met has been awesome and i'm really glad i started blogging.

  5. All these things make me happy FOR you. The one about Target is TOO cute!

  6. Good things, indeed.

    Related, I had a really rough part of a day today. In the evening, I went for a ranting walk with Sam and my friend Sarah. That helped. Then I went to work out. Helped more. What REALLY helped was that a local market here now carries Dorothy Lane's patented KILLER BROWNIES! What!?! Dayton in Houston. Love it.

  7. So very happy to hear all of these wonderful things for you! And sometimes I hug my computer too... :) I absolutely adore the friends and community I've made here! Doesn't it make the world seem a little smaller? :)

  8. People are always coming up to me and telling me how cute I am. It's annoying, really. Okay, just kidding. That is a cute story, though!

  9. I'm so happy things are going so great for you! :)

  10. Every time I come to read this blog I feel uplifted on some level... just saying :)

    Have a great day!

  11. Your happy posts make ME happy. Seriously!

  12. I still need to get my hands on one of your boxy pouches. After vacation :)

  13. Seriously, lady, your crafting has been so incredible lately! I adore the laptop sleeve. Totally adorable. And I know what you mean about sharing your crafts with others and feeling that sense of happiness...

    I love that story about the guy who told you that you were cute. Greatest ever, right? Of course, if I saw you around, I'd probably tell you the same thing. :)

  14. Hey cutie-patootie! (is that how you spell that silly phrase? hee!) Thanks for your lil shout out! You are the sweetest lil cupcake ever! I wish you were my next door neighbor! How awesome would that be? You would motivate me to work out and we could craft together and could veggie food together! And play board games and have dance parties! It would be too wonderful!

    So glad things are going so super for you! Your mention of running outside reminds me that I better exercise a bit while I can before Fresno turns into summer central!

    I love that that dude came up to you to tell you that you're cute! Well, it's the truth! DUH!!!


  15. Aww, this post made me SMILE!! I love when people I love are happy!! (Wait, did i just say I love you? I think we just took this friendship to a new level. Let's get married? No? Okay then.)
    I'm so glad you liked your goodies, it was fun to send! Made me want to do it more often! Or at least send a letter to some friends in the mail, getting mail is fun!
    i LOVE that the guy ran up and had to tell you how adorable you are, so cute!! And cool that it wasn't in a creepy icky way, you know what i'm talking about.
    I think it's really amazing how the internet has connected me to SO many people that I would have never met and now can't imagine never having known them! People who have impacted me in bigger ways than they know on a daily basis, i love it!!
    Internet? I love you.


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