Friday, July 17, 2009

And We're Off!

Road Trip Goodies.

With the help of the public library and the internet - we're ready to embark on our exciting road trip tomorrow!

Here is the plan... Except blog posts and photos with my new camera!

Saturday July 18th

  • Family Reunion, then leave the Clev in our awesome rental car, travel to Chicago…..

Sunday, July 19th

  • Leave Windy city @ 6:30am towards Denver, CO.

Monday, July 20th

  • Denver omelets for b-fast. Off to mountains!!

Tuesday, July 21st

  • To backcountry site in Colorado National Monument Park.

Wednesday, July 22nd

  • Hike out of backcountry site. STAY HYDRATED, find car

  • Drive through the wild Utah wilderness and desert

  • Arrive @ Zion National Park camp for the night.

Thursday, July 23rd

  • NO TRAVEL DAY – rest, explore, enjoy!! Camp night two in Zion.

Friday, July 24th

  • Depart for Los Angeles via Las Vegas!

  • Lunch in Vegas, to LA for visiting.

Saturday, July 25th

  • Lunch with Larry David in LA

  • Hollywood

  • Get movie deal

  • Pitch TV show

Sunday, July 26th

  • Another LA day - meet some awesome bloggers who've become friends. :)

Monday, July 27th

  • Depart LA, drive to Grand Canyon.

Tuesday, July 28th

  • See Grand Canyon!

  • Drive 12 hours to somewhere and SLEEP (Amarillo, Texas?)

Wednesday, July 29th

  • Drive to St. Louis, making our way home.

Thursday, July 30th

  • Stop in Dayton or Cincinnati on our way home..

Friday, July 31th

  • Make a glorious return to Cleveland!


  1. Hey! Will you please follow my blog at ? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks =]

  2. Sounds like an awesome itinerary. I love the Western US. Have a great trip!

  3. Have fun! I'll be seeing you next Sunday! :)

  4. That sounds absolutely wonderful! I wish I didn't work this weekend and could have meet up with you in Chicago. Have an absolute blast!

  5. i will totally be in dayton on the 30th when you are driving through...we should have lunch or coffee or something! (i have a dentist appointment at 10, but i'm free the rest of that day and will just be hanging out, so call me!)

  6. Have a fantastic trip! Sounds like a blast :)


    i can't wait to hear/see all about it - safe travels!

  8. Have so much fun!!!

    (If you need anything in Denver or St. Louis let me know- we live in Denver and we have about 30 family members in St. Louis.)

  9. Oh, that sounds like the perfect summer trip- I'm hoping that Mister and I can do that some day! *fingers crossed*


  10. SO FUN!!!!
    So far it's looking like i'll be seeing you next Saturday and I am SO excited about that!!!!!
    p.s. I love your plans for Hollywood, if your show gets picked up can I have a lead role? AWESOME thanks ;)

  11. You guys drive safe! I can't wait to see you. :]

  12. Its funny, I'm leaving for a trip to Costa Rica tomorrow and I'm jealous of your trip!!! Have fun!

  13. Oooh I'm SO jealous of your trip! It sounds like the most amazing ever! And it's SOOOO COOL you're going to Zion! OMG. I LOVE ZION! Go hike in the narrows! SO neato!

    I cannot wait to see you,lady! YAY! I'm sooooo excited!

    Have a safe trip! Take a million pictures! Have FUN!!!!

    See you next Sunday!

  14. Have a great trip! You are travelling to my two favorite places... LA (where I live now), and Cincinnati (my hometown)! Can't wait to see the photos!

  15. Woo! Hope your trip is a brilliant one :)

  16. what an amazing trip!!! I have always wanted to do a trip across the US, I love it and can't wait to see all the pictures and read about all your journeys.

  17. Not gonna lie: I'm totally jealous of this road trip! It sounds amazing! And I hope you have a fantastic time!


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