Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm Not Good with Goodbyes.

I haven't posted an eco-post in quite some time. I was all set to post about organic food and corn subsidies (enthralling, truly!), but in honor of summer officially ending today (in the northern hemisphere, at least), I'm going to share some photos from Labor Day. Since Labor Day is also known as: Last Week Day Off Work Until Thanksgiving, it only makes sense to spend as much time as possible outdoors. My grandma had a picnic at my grandparents' lovely home in the woods, where bubbles, bonfires, and boys abounded. It was fabulous.

curly, sandy boy.
My favorite curly-haired cousin.

Grandpa's ride.
Riding in Grandpa's tractor. I love this - Dominic gripping his dad's neck, the big earmuffs, Justin trying to catch up...And the insanely lush trees. Mmm, greenery.

mini crocs.
Normally, I'm not a big Crocs person. But these tiny, two-year-old sized ones are just plain adorable. (As seen on curly-haired cousin.)

bringing back tetherball.
There was much tetherball playing to be had my grandparents' beautiful, green backyard. Tetherball simultaneously reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite and third grade.

so. red.
Grandma has a green thumb, obviously. (I, on the other hand, killed the rose bush Mike bought me last summer. It was pathetic.)

No matter how gorgeous or full of pumpkin-flavored food and cute clothes fall may be, I will always love summer the most. Sunshine, tan lines, and iced tea make me happy.

Fall is filled with lovely things, though. Particularly my birthday, crunchy leaves, sweaters, apple cider, a trip to Hocking Hills, and pumpkin donuts.

Fall, I adore you. Just don't let winter come, okay?


  1. Oh this is lovely! The tractor pic is way too cute.

    I'm also horrible with taking care of plants/flowers/anything that grows in soil. I've killed entire pots at my office more times than I can count.

  2. Your photos are GORGEOUS! And I always love the transition from spring to summer and then summer to fall. The other seasons? Not as glorious. Here's to pumpkin everything!

  3. Goodbye Summer! I will miss you- but I am sure I will see you again. (I hope!)

  4. I must disagree, mostly because I LOVE FALL THE BEST! Smores, fire pits, OSU Football, turkey chili, rainbow leaves, hooded sweatshirts... I could go on.

    Also this year hubs has decided that in loo of our Hocking Hills trip he wants to try Mammoth Cave in KY. I'm okay with that.
    (but if you DO go to HH, Ravenwood castle is where it's AT!)

  5. Gorgeous pics! I always have mixed feelings this time of year- I love summer so much, and I'm sad to see it end. But fall also comes with it's promise of many wonderful things! It's winter I'm never that giddy about. This is why I love living in a place where we experience all four seasons! We couldn't handle the perpetual spring/summer shift of Central Florida. Hope your fall is the best ever!

  6. Love the photos. I am sad to see Summer go as well. I agree, bring on Fall (but I dont want winter to come!).

  7. I have never heard of pumpkin donuts...

  8. Agreed. Fall is just so wonderful. I hope it lasts awhile this year.

  9. I love fall. The weather seems so perfect and crisp. Winter can stay away, though. :)

  10. Fall is wonderful. I wish it could just stay and keep winter cold away.

  11. I just can't wait for fall anymore. It is still too warm here in DC.

  12. Beautiful pictures!

    I'm not much of a summer person, but I never got to go swimming this summer and I've been feeling kind of cheated. Sigh.

  13. wow that looks amazing. you sure are quite the photographer


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