Thursday, September 10, 2009

Six Happy Things.

  1. Mike’s birthday was 10 days ago. His present? Going to Ann Arbor for the weekend and getting an amazing Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cake – the fulfillment of one of his life’s dreams. Oh yeah, and this. (Which came with a free this. It’s official, I win Wife of the Year. Sorry, ladies.)

    Ben & Jerry's Birthday.

  2. On our trip to Ann Arbor, I wandered into Urban Outfitters for the very first time and (after gawking at a headband that cost thirty dollars) found what’s been missing in my life: this coffee mug.

    Clouds In My Coffee.
    If you know the reference, we can be BFFs.

  3. Also in Ann Arbor, we visited lots of fun little vintage stores, a vegetarian restaurant (Butternut squash enchiladas; my life is now complete.), and enjoyed a Michael Jackson fan dancing in a graffiti-saturated alley. A city fu ll of quirkiness and coffee shops And creative…eh, propositions?


  4. I continue to adore the fact that we live close to our family. And that my husband is adorable with small children. And the fact that I feel more and more comfortable with the idea of having children and being a mother. After watching The Business of Being Born and not crying out of pure fear – I think that once we get insurance and jobs that will last longer than a year, I might just entertain the idea of a bun in the oven.


  5. Tonight, I begin a weekly class called Graphic Design Drawing. I was tempted to forgo a class this semester since I’m adjusting to a new schedule and I stay after school most days, but I want to continue slowly working towards my graphic design certificate. It gives me energy to be doing something that I’m passionate about and that fuels my creativity. So, time will be made. (I have a feeling I’m going to gain 50 lbs by the end of this year, friends.)

  6. Finding time to create and list items (slowly, but surely) is rewarding. Most recently, I've made a few laptop sleeves and listed some new earring colors. I've sort of been wearing these earrings like crazy, so I'm excited to finally list some to share! (Don't worry, I'm not wearing YOUR earrings. Hehe.)


  1. I LOVE that mug. It's my "warm-up" karaoke song. ;)

    Also the proposition is awesome...whomever Katy D. is sticking out...his GF/wife better watch it, minor yard work. lol

  2. haha! ohhhhhhh you're so vain...

    and omg, that proposition! oh my! I DO love that she does minor yard work tho, I might need to give her a call! ;)
    ohhh a little mini mike or ashley is enough to make me SQUEAL! The only thing that could excite me more would be a mini john or sara, wanna whisper some baby sweet talk in her ear for me? ;) lol! i kid!
    I've been wanting to see the Business of Being Born for quite some time now... did you know that I seriously contemplated studying Midwifery and birthing babies for a living? dead serious. But then I got scared. I still think about it a lot. I dreamed of having a water birth with Isaiah but paranoia took over...b/c I'm a worrywart like that.
    Good Luck with your design class! It must be so exciting to know what you want in life and be working towards that goal!
    geez, i should REALLY get on that. ;)

  3. Ahhh, Carly Simon is lovely. We really should be BFF's. And now I want some darn ice cream cake!


    P.S. You're the cutest! Thanks for the sweet blog comment! xoxo

  4. So fun. I am gald you had a good trip- and that you are staying active in the stuff you love to do. I hope it serves you well.

  5. Ummm me want earrings. In every color. Haha. Don't know which one to choose!!

    And I love that mug! And am very jealous of the Ben & Jerrys pilgrimage.

  6. I love that mug too! I agree with the first commenter its a very fun karaoke song. =)

  7. OMG. Love, love, love that mug. One like that might make my coffee cup collection complete.

    And it's a pretty fantastic karaoke song, too.

  8. that mug is awesome. and that cake looks all sorts of deliciousness. mmmmmtasty.

  9. Yay for the awesome Mug! And haha, Katy D cracked me up :)

  10. Oh my gosh those mugs are adorable! I love Urban Outfitters home stuff. So cute!

  11. That cake is making me hungry, that mug is making me want a soy chai latte and that comment about you gaining 50 pounds is making me laugh. REALLY hard.

  12. Dude, I had to read "I wandered into Urban Outfitters for the very first time" like five times over, I can't believe that WAS YOUR FIRST TIME! (that's what she said).

    Heeyy guess what! We're going to Michigan in TWO WEEKS! Oh crap, need to plan...

  13. Oh the graphic design class sounds amazing! I want to take that!! Sounds like lots to be happy about these days.

  14. My favorite thing about your posts is how sincerely your emotion comes thorough, happy or sad.

  15. You're so vain.
    You probably think this song is about you. Don't you?

  16. I just ordered my very first macbook, so you should make a laptop sleeve for me to purchase. ;)

  17. Thanks for sharing 6 happy things - have you found Grace in Small Things? Love it a daily dose of self joy.

  18. That mug is sooooo cute. Me likey! And in response to the first commenter ... I remember singing that song at sober grad night karaoke! Random!

    So fun you're taking a class!

    And so fun that I bought those earrings you linked to! I Loveeeeee the color! YAYAAAA!

    Haha, I just saw Jimaie's comment. Ash, are you supposed to be whispering in my ear? You and MIke are going to be the greatest parents! So cute.

    Oh, and you always find the best veggie restaurants on vacation!


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