Friday, September 25, 2009

You May Say I'm Dreamer...

My nose piercing is the bane of my existence.

But I am keeping it for three reasons:

1- I am stubborn.
2- It’s pretty!
3- It is symbolic.

I don’t need to go through the whole saga of the many times it started to close up or get infected or when I re-pierced it with a sewing needle - anyone who follows me on Twitter gets more than their fair share of that unwanted information. (Twitter recap: I once I tried a push pin in a desperate attempt to slow the closing of the hole after I washed my face and the stud came out and I didn’t notice for hours.)

Since I work at a high school, I have to keep my nose stud as covert as possible – meaning I have a clear stud that looks like a large pore or a nasty pimple depends on how the healing is going. (Currently in a nasty pimple stage. Score.)

I won’t lie – this is far more trouble than it is worth. It has been pretty painful, frustrating, and awkward to hide. I woke up with a hunk of dried blood and pus on my nose this morning. (I know, totally nasty and oversharing – but if you want to get your nose pierced, YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT YOU MIGHT HAVE TO DEAL WITH.)

The sea salt soaks, the tea tree oil, the H2Ocean, the chamomile tea bags – I’ve tried it all.

But I’m not getting rid of it until God himself rips it out of my nose and closes it with his magic wand…or just his powerful hand…or whatever God uses to close piercing holes.

As silly as it might seem, the tiny hole is symbol that someday I will work a job that lets me wear jeans and have a sparkly little nose stud. It’s as simple as that. A tiny bit of self-expression, a smidgen of rebellion, and a sprinkle of hope that I’ll be a barista at an independent coffee shop, a mom, a graphic designer, or work from home – and have a bit of freedom and independence that I so crave.

holy crap, that's a big face.


  1. First of all, could you BE any more lovely? I think not.

    Second of all, I totally hear you on the whole bit-of-rebellion thing. And having that daily reminder of the goal you are working towards - doing exactly what you want, working for yourself and all that goodness. I say more power to you, my dear! I am right there with you (as many of us are) and I have no doubt that you will get there.

    You WILL get there. And it will be awesome.

    (Hopefully both us us will be able to work in our PJ's at some point before we hit thirty. That is my goal. Heehee.)

  2. I graduated from school and a week after that, I removed my brow piercing. For me it was my time to grow up a little bit. The rebellious spirit still lingers on but I now stick it to the man by dodging taxes instead of protesting.

  3. I got my nose pierced when I was 17 and had to take it out for a job orientation when I was 19, it was a 6 hour event and by the time I got home it had closed. I was so bummed and miss it to this day. I only had the job for 9 months and it was so not worth it. When I was 21 my brother called me and said he and his girlfriend were going to the tattoo shop so their other friend could get his eyebrow pierced and asked if I wanted to come along. They knew I have always missed my nose piercing, I went and got a tattoo instead and as many will tell you I became addicted. I now have 4 fairly large tattoos and 2 small ones. I love them but I still miss my nose piercing, one day I will get it re pierced and I will not take it out no matter what so I totally understand. My jewelry was a little silver star and it is sitting in a lovely heart shaped jewelry box with my husbands old eyebrow bar waiting for the day I finally get to wear it again. My husband however has not desire to get his eyebrow repierced.

  4. I love that tiny piece of rebellion. I think so many of us are doing what we feel we need to do, and working towards doing what we really want to do. The little piercing is a nice reminder that while your trudging through, there's something good (and worthwhile) waiting for you.

  5. I like the stud- I would never ever be able to get one (I don't do well with pain- and I get infections easily)- but yeah. You will get what you want- it will come.

  6. A year ago, I had seventeen piercings, including both nostrils. Many of them at some time or another were stubborn and annoying and irritated and gross, but I refused to take them out. I now work in a bank, and I have only four. I miss the rest every. single. day.

    Keep the nose stud, hold on to that hope.

  7. Man I am so happy that I don't have to hide mine at work! Which is hilarious considering we run corporate executive forums, and those are some pretty important people! Oh well. :) I almost ripped mine out of my face in Costa Rica, and it got all bloody and gunky again - it was gross and I feel your pain. Hope it heals up soon!

  8. I can't even get my ear piercings to heal...after 7 yrs. I only wear 'em on special occasions as a result.

    Hope you have more luck than me!

  9. Oh sister... reading your saga of nose piercing pain reminded me of my own painful journey. I TOO REPIERCED MY NOSE WITH A SEWING NEEDLE!!! :) I love that we have these unwittingly shared experiences from 2,500 miles away.

    That being said... my own nose ring is no more. I am actually allowed to wear mine to work, but I decided that it was hurting my sales and making me look even LESS credible then a 23 year old blonde looks in a business suit. :( Sad day. I am still fighting to keep my belly ring though... and yes I have had to repierce that sucker with a needle as well.

    We Wagners don't do so well with piercings! I'll attribute it all to Grandma's fervent prayers. :)

  10. I think the internet would explode if I posted a close up like that.


    I'm sorry, was that not the point here?

  11. Darling, that face is bigger than your real life face.

    Also, I know what you mean. I mean, I'm allowed to wear whatever I want and have whatever crazy hairstyles, piercings, or tattoos I want at my 9 - 7 job... but just HAVING them means all that much. My mission for October is to finally get a bird tattooed behind my right ear. Please hold me to it.

  12. Move to the Chicago 'burbs and I'll hire you in my indie coffeehouse. Seriously.
    I'm going to start Twittering behind the bar next week. You know you want to work there!

  13. You're so sweet! It will heal up in time, you're totally doing all the right stuff (as you well know). The positive thing is that because that area of your face is so sensitive and important it heals super fast.

    My only question is, are you leaving the clear stud in all the time, or are you swapping it out on the weekends or evenings for a prettier one? If you leave the clear one in all the time you'll have better luck with it healing.

    I love the rebel in you, she's totally adorable.

  14. i've kept mine in for so long for many of the same reasons :) i'm also excited to have a job soon/one day where i can show off the tattoo over my heart without caring what the office folks think :)

  15. It will happen for you one day. I felt very fortunate when I was teaching at the community college and I looked around and saw my colleagues in jeans, sneakers, nose piercings, eyebrow piercings, and tattoos. I was the oddity in my business casual outfits. The point is that those places do exist, and you will be a part of one of them. I just don't want you to put up with the pain! I wish your nose a speedy recovery.

  16. You are so determined! As I would be too, no doubt.

    My nose ring didn't give me too many problems. Although, when I had the stud, I was more prone to ripping it out, or forgetting that it existed & pulling on it with a wash-cloth. Now that I have a nose ring, I don't have that many problems with it. It never gets caught on anything, & the bump actually went away when I switched to the nose ring.

    Everything you're trying is PERFECT. Stay diligent. I did all of those things 4x a day, at most. I kept tea tree on it CONSTANTLY.

  17. I pierced my nose in college, and I loved it. Seriously, loved it. Unfortunately, my allergies really did not love it. After the third time that I had sneezed the stud across the room, I gave up. A girl can only re-pierce her nose so many times.

    Still, I really wish it had worked out...

  18. So, I got my nose pierced, sophomore year of high school and then it got super super infected. It was so awful! What ended up doing the trick actually, was cutting off a tiny bit of the back of an incense stick, soaking it in anti-sepctic and then replacing my nose ring with the tiny piece of wood. Honestly, within a week, my nose was completely healed. I think it had to do with the fact that I was keeping the piercing open, but did not have any metal in it, which can sometimes aggravate it. This is also an old Indian-wives trick, and it totally worked!

  19. Your nose is trying to tell you something!! :D

  20. I've never had a pierced nose before, but judging from the ear infections I've had, I cannot imagine one of those in your nose feels good. But I completely understand why you want to keep it in. And I kind of want a little reminder like that for myself to encourage me through the rough days where I want to throw in the towel.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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