Thursday, October 1, 2009

Was September Even Here?

Seriously, I don't remember it.

To make the most of this month (with my long work weeks, I sort of feel like a zombie moving through life at times. My kitchen sink? Full of dishes that haven't been washed since Monday. Because I haven't been home before nearly bedtime most days. And haven't eaten a meal at home this week until right now. I obviously have priorities. Blogging > dishes. Or something.) -I am going to set a few goals.

It may seem silly to set goals like, "Hang out with another person," but I need articulate that right now, or else it might not happen. Sadly.

Moving on!

I feel sort of cluttered and a bit overwhelmed with stuff. So, my goals this month are centered mostly around simplifying in a few regards. Balance and simplicity. And being a Zen Master. (Even though, I could totally go for some goals about working out, let's be honest.)
  • Begin four months of buying only second-hand clothing.
  • Get rid of one laundry basket-full of clothing.
  • Go through papers, magazines, etc. and recycle LOTS.
  • Clean out car and go to car wash (for the first time in...a year? Ha. How sad.). Repair chip on windshield so it doesn't turn into CRACK on windshield.
  • Ask for day or two off to compensate for weekend, overnight, and evening work. Be brave!
  • Turn 25! (While on a trip for work. On that note, try not to quit work.*)
  • See friends four one time. Or more! (Bonus points if it includes coffee.)
  • Stop swearing. (This may be a bit of a surprise for people who know me - but I have taken to really swearing like a sailor when driving. It's completely out of control and would be totally embarrassing if anyone but Mike heard me. Plus, it only exacerbates the road rage.)
  • Clean for 30 minutes before going to bed. (Though, this would require actually being home more often. Will see how this goes.)
October is such a great month - even though it gives way to winter in a sense, it's a month for pumpkins, apple-picking, and breaking out fall clothes. Here's to October! May it be a month filled with balance, simplicity, and harvest.

* If you are Work, I am kidding! I like you. A lot.


  1. i love new goals... new goals are so refreshing!

    why doesn't work automatically offer days off for all that extra time you work? i am the same way though... i don't know if i would be brave enough to ask for it :/ haha

  2. I'm not sure where September went either. I feel like I blinked and it was gone. Sometimes putting goals down like this, forces me to actually do them. Here's to a great October!

  3. Good goals- sometimes it is good to get even the most simple goals on "paper" so you can be accountable. Good luck.

  4. Apple-picking? Americans sounds like they have so much fun.

  5. i have to agree that september flew by! also, i started to cuss like a sailor when i started teaching (but mostly when i was driving too!). i realized it was a sort of harmless way to relieve stress though. and i like your goal "try not to quit." that is my single number one goal until may. ha.

  6. I love your goals!!! I haven't been really home during the last two days either. Well, it wasn't really work related but I need my couch time... at least for 30 min a night.

  7. 1. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to comment on your blog!

    2. Perhaps cleaning while listening to Harry Connick Jr will pass the time better?

    3. One of my favorite things to do is clean up/clean out my clothes because that means I can go stock up on "new" ones!

  8. I laughed for a whole five minutes picturing as an angry swearing driver!

  9. i've worked in ministry and at catholic jobys a bunch (ok, only) and flex time for evenings/weekends (are you doing campus ministry? like retreats and things) is pretty darn standard. like expected. at least, it was for me and everyone else i knew who did that sort of thing.

    because, frankly, how are you supposed to survive without breaks? you can't work 100 weeks and not get some kind of compensation! :)

  10. I agree, September flew by! I'm happy it's October though. I'm ready for fall!

  11. September was absolutely ridiculous and flew by so quickly! I cannot believe it is October, either!

    It sounds like you have some amazing goals for this month. I feel like I need to set some for myself now, too.

  12. You inspire me on such a deep level.

    I adore you. And October.

  13. I'm right with you - where did september go?

  14. sound like some great goals, you can totally get them done :)

  15. seriously, I know exactly what you mean!! September was an absolute BLUR. A blur, I tell you!!

    And now October seems to be whizzing by just as fast... and just like you, I'm a tad overwhelmed and feeling behind. And just like you, I made some lists and goals for this month. I feel so much better when I do that. :)

    yay, your 25th birthday is coming up!!

    ps. I got my gift card in the mail just the other day. It made me deliriously happy. Thank you again!!! :)

  16. holy cow, seriously, WHERE DID SEPTEMBER GO!?
    it sort of freaks me out when months go by that a lot.
    um, hi god, can we have that life remote control now? Bad days = Fast Forward, good days= SLOW MOTION!!
    I seriously need to make a list of goals and things to get accomplished this month before October has come and gone too!


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