Monday, October 19, 2009

Wordpress, I SO Want to Love You.


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Update: A new winner has been chosen, because I was never contacted. Congrats, Taryn!

I have moved my reviews blog over to Wordpress -to see how I like it and make it easier for you all to leave comments when I have giveaways (woo!). Perhaps this blog will follow... My initial thoughts, though? I hate that I have to pay to edit the code. Plus, Blogger is far, far easier to use in terms of making it look the way I want it to, while Wordpress seems better comment-wise (allowing threaded comments and editing comments and all that good stuff.) I'd love to hear why you choose the platform you have.

Sister was home from college (yay!) and the weather was gorgeous and completely fall. The conditions for a photoshoot were ripe. And so I forced two of my sisters and a cousin into the field across from my grandparents' house and followed them around with my camera.

Good Lord, it was fun!

Album cover, anyone?
Totally an album cover.

Bomber jacket. Don't mess with her.

Soy beans are cool.
Yummy soy beans.

Hello, fall.

Jump Again!

See more photos here.


  1. Those pics look great!

    I prefer WP - I like the way it looks and feels better, and for someone who's learning a little bit of coding, it's a really easy way to play and teach myself :) Good luck making the move if you do!

    The comments thing is big though, as I like to have mine feel like a conversation more than feedback and the Disqus plugin allows for that to happen really well.

  2. I'm on wordpress, but I self-host (so that I can edit code). I was on Blogger a while ago, but I love wordpress so much more. I stayed on the free wordpress for almost a year before getting my blog hosted on netfirms.

  3. Why am I not playing in a field today?? Love those pictures.

  4. Love your photos, they're amazing! And soy beans? ha! That's so adorable.

    I love wordpress but I also switched to self hosting so it was all open to me to edit. If you do go for self hosting and need tech support just drop me a line, it's not as intimidating as it looks. But is where you would want to start if you're interested.

  5. Amazing pictures Ashley - those are some pretty top models you have too!

  6. Yay for jumping shots! :) I self-host on wordpress so I can edit anything I want at will (I love that my blog is 100% editable!), and the back end is just so easy to use . . . it's got a much nicer interface than some other blogs.

    The only real downside to self-hosting is that, well, you need to pay for hosting and a domain name. *shrug* Sinter (my web design business) does cheap hosting, if you are interested in self-hosting. Send me an email if you're interested :)

  7. I moved from Blogger to Wordpress and overall I've been happy. Yes, there have been a few bothersome things like the code but overall, I think it's just more reliable than Blogger.

  8. Blogger makes me mad, but I don't feel like putting in the work to switching (see my latest post regarding that!).

    Also, that bomber jacket is awesome! TELL ME WHERE SHE GOT IT! :) Love you!

  9. BEAUTIFUL pictures! I saw them in your flickr and I was just drooling over all of them! And I love wordpress, you should definitely give it a chance :)

  10. Ashley, these are SPECTACULAR pictures!! ahh! amazing! you've got some serious talent girl. :)

    i'm all about wordpress, but blogger is so much easier to design. i hosted the love story project on blogger because it was easier to customize and i didn't want to deal with the headache of wordpress.

  11. also, oops... that last comment was me.

  12. You take such fantastic photos! Those are just beautiful!

  13. how cute are those photos! agreed that it's a definite album cover. do you guys have a band!? =)

  14. basically, i think that wordpress is the new blogger and it feels good to have one tiny piece of my life that isn't controlled by Google (and i LOVE google..., but still...) the code thing is annoying, but it's also, most likely, what keeps wordpress looking so good. not anyone can open a blog and start f-ing around with the design. limits (sometimes) are good. my solution? force my husband to become knowledgeable and to host my blog. i know it wouldn't work for everyone; the point is a solution must be there somewhere... because, well, wordpress is the future. (no, they did not pay me to say that. but i'll gladly take reimbursement in the form of being on their home page {again})

  15. LOVE this photo shoot! Your sisters and cousins are gorgeous! Must run in the family! :)

    You are right -- that totally looks like an album cover! Your photog skills are too cool for school, lady! So neato that the field is across from your grandparents' house. It's absolutely gorgeous! And yes, looks like it was the perfect day! So fun!


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