Tuesday, November 24, 2009

32 Hours on a Bus Will Do That to You.

Pace. Paz. Peace!

(I always feel like I'm catching up with friends when I click, "New Post" and start typing away. I kind of like you guys.)

After 32 hours in a bus, two days of walking, a bit of rain, and an amazing experience - I'm back and completely rejuvenated and inspired. (Minus my body, which is achy and sleep-deprived.) I don't think I can fully explain what this weekend meant to me. Everything I can think of just sounds like silly fluff. (My attempts? "It was a festival of love and caring of peace; a river of compassion." and "It made me truly proud to be an American and Catholic." See? Cornball City, USA.)

A few things I do want to remember:
  • Such an odd collection of humanity. From young families to aging flower children to older nuns who looked like your grandma to college students with 27 piercings in their face - there were people of all ages, races, and religions.
  • A 4:30am Krispy Kreme donut is equal parts disgusting and amazing.
  • The whole bus singing Let It Be and Don't Stop Believing accompanied by a college guy playing his acoustic guitar.
  • Food Not Bombs providing endless free vegetarian meals to everyone. What an awesome movement.
  • Seeing a dozen of friends from college. It was surreal seeing so many people I knew in a random city in Georgia.
  • I felt an indescribable sense of belonging. Sometimes it can be a bit lonely thinking things like this, but not this weekend. We are one body, for real.
I think, most of all, the generosity, kindness, and openness of all those I encountered impacted me. Although it wasn't the purpose of this weekend, I was really inspired to take a hard look at myself, who I am, and what I am spending my time and energy on. Big questions like, "Am I being the truest version of myself?" and "What do I want from life?" and "Who do I want to be?" are swirling around in my head, demanding I slow down and think.

Meeting people who are unabashedly themselves do that to you.

Heck yes, Veterns for Peace.
See more photos from my weekend here.

Other things to tell you:

- My guest bloggers were awesome, weren't they? Thank you, guest bloggers! You rock. (I'm biased and am totally excited that my little sister did one. Woo!)

- I am insanely excited (and flattered like WOAH) that 20-Something Bloggers picked my post to win the Blogger Carnival: Can't Live Without. My prize is $100 in my Alice.com account. I have an account but have never used it yet, but imagine that this $100 will be the beginning of a long and lovely relationship wherein I can go shopping for organic hair conditioner and fair trade coffee beans in my yoga pants. Sa-weet. (PS: My post is here.)

- My book review of Ten Ways to Change the World in Your Twenties is up at The Greenists. I felt pretty important telling everyone who asked me what I was reading that it was an advanced copy to review. Go check it out!


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