Saturday, November 21, 2009

Guest Post: Conversations with my husband.

I am currently in Columbus, Georgia for the annual School of the Americas/WHINSEC vigil and protest.

While I brave the loooong bus ride and being in charge of six teenagers for three days, a few generous souls will keep you entertained!

Today, we have the lovely Tam, of Marrying a Medical Student, who lives in the corner of the state I went to college in (yay!) and is at a very exciting time in her life. She's also hilarious.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I ventured into the wild blog-o-sphere while I was planning my blessed nuptials to a very busy medical student. I stumbled upon blog links on TheKnot and found myself paging through people’s ideas and funny stories. I had plenty of insane stuff going on in my head and an online forum seemed like the perfect place to splatter my daily crazy. I figured there was no reason to keep my thoughts locked up in a hello kitty diary when I could force unknowing suckers to stumble upon my quirks and poor comma usage. A baby was born.

Through my trusty Googly reader stuffed with web subscriptions, I’ve gained access to the lives “internet friends” who, like me, sit at their desks shoveling soy yogurt in their mouths while scanning pages of web content and marking all as read. I’ve been able to connect with these strangers friends and feel relieved that I’m not the only person obsessed with things like cupcakes and shaving my right leg first. I choose to read blogs that make me laugh, help me grow, or share perspectives and I stay away from negativity, snarky rants and husband-bashing. My “unsubscribe” button has proven more effective for my mental health than the dozens of peer mediation sessions I had with that frizzy-haired high school counselor (Sorry Ashley, counselors rock).

One of the most unexpected things to come from my blogging – other than my savvy HTML skillzz and flavor for colorful adjectives – is an imaginary string that runs from the words on my page straight to my husband’s psyche. I’m not getting all soft about how my blog has enabled my husband to know me on a different level (WHICH IT HAS) because I believe nothing can replace personal communication with another snuggly human. But my blog is definitely the Ménage à trios neither of us ever consented to.

On my blog I’ve told stories I never thought he’d be interested in. But was.

On my blog I’ve unveiled inadequacies and fears he never knew I had. But do.

On my blog I’ve ignited a zest for writing and memory I never knew I had. But he did.

On my blog I’ve made promises and resolutions. And he’s helped me keep them.

My blog has made him almost spit out mountain dew in the middle of a boring medical lecture and utter the words “you had better not write about this on your blog” (IN BED).

Sure he makes fun of my “cyber friends” and of course he tires of our private conversations ending up on public display. He gets irritable when I choose to stay up blogging about my favorite face wash when I could be having sexy time with him. But he tolerates my blog, he reads it every day and he finds ways to know me even better through the words that I type.

I’m not bragging about all of the reasons that I have an awesome husband (BECAUSE I DO), I’m simply acknowledging the crazy dichotomy that having a blog has created.

When I found out I was with child, I told my husband I wanted to start another blog to share our pregnancy with friends and family. My husband didn’t tell me I was silly or say “one blog is good enough.” Do you know what he did?

He helped me take pictures of stale M&Ms in my belly button and then he wrote this.

A baby was born indeed.


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