Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Little Google Analytic Goodness.

When I first started blogging, I was obsessed with checking my blog stats. I wondered thinks like: How did people find my site? What did they look at? Where are they? Also, there was a visitor from City X. I know a person in City X. Ahh, it's probably a family member reading my blog and judging me harshly.

Then I got busy and a bit bored with the incessant monitoring of my stats, so I forget just how amusing it can be to see the phrases people have searched to end up at this little website.

Here are the latest gems that made me giggle:

old cousin has bigger You're leaving me in suspense here....old cousin has bigger what?

being a new kid in high school Is hard. I've been the new kid in 2nd grade, 5th grade, 8th grade, and 11th grade. Being a new kid is far worse than being a new adult at a high school. And far less fun.

can i repierce my nose with a needle Ugh. You can, but it may lead to pain and infection. Just saying. (See: post repiercing my nose with needle and my naive, triumphant grin. Oh, the things I could tell you, Ashley. At least I didn't repierce with a pushpin like I'd contemplated.)

don't wear juniors clothing Don't judge me. You don't understand how hard the world is when you're a tiny little person. No, these are not jeans from Delias, thankyouverymuch.

dried blood in my nose after c-section That may be unrelated. I mean, unless there's some nose-uterus connection I'm unaware of. Though, honestly, I shouldn't be giving you medical advice, seeing as how I have never had a c-section and am without a medical degree.

how to tell if you are too old for clothes I say you're too old for clothes when you feel like being naked all the time. You're old, do what you want, I say.

coffee makes me smarter Yes, me too. It also makes me happier. Coffee is my anti-drug. Wait, it is a drug. Crap. Fine, coffee is my favorite drug in the whole world.

it took me two years to grow out my eyebrows Well. That just sucks.

peed hotel room floor And then whoever Googled this spent an hour on my website. I hope you found what you're looking for. And that you decided NOT to pee on the hotel room floor.

"i'm not built to work five days a week" I am proud to say that I am #1 on Google for this search phrase. Booyah! Full-time work haters unite!


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