Sunday, April 11, 2010

The One with Too Many Photos.

Today ends my twelve days of spring break.

I know, you probably don't feel sorry for me. I spent most of these twelve days sewing, watching shows on Hulu while cleaning, updating my Etsy shop, apartment hunting, going for really long walks in the sunshine, cooking myself real breakfasts, feeling the baby kick, and hanging out with my husband. It's been delightful, low-key, and exactly what I needed.

Oh, and spending Easter weekend with my family.  My grandpa turned seventy - so seven of his eight kids and twenty of his twenty-six grandchildren gathered to celebrate his birthday with a fabulous brunch. Which was followed the day after by a delicious Easter dinner.

I am blessed with some beautiful, wonderful family - who I took far too many photos of:

My sister with her favorite child in the universe.

43-year-old Tricycle.
My sister Emmie on my mom's old (as in, 43-year-old) tricycle, which required some major muscle to power.

Grandchildren Wall.
My grandma's dining room wall - photos of all her grandchildren. My grandpa is a total handyman and built her the shelves. I love this. 

These girls are sweet, adorable, and not squeamish around frogs (toads? I don't know which is which). Just lovely.

Freckles run in the family.

After ten consecutive grandsons, my grandma finally has another granddaughter! (Who was originally seen here.)

Ad for Radio Flyer.
Does this not look like an ad for Radio Flyer wagons? I love how all the toys at my grandparents are well-used.

Cousins are the best. (Even though I am much older than most of my cousins, the girls still act like I'm a kind instead of an adult. I LOVE IT.)

Boy with his toys. I see these in my future. :)

So much joy. (And they let the little brother join in. Sweet.)

Saying goodbye.
Saying goodbye.

(In case it seems crazy that my uncle is Mike's age and my cousins are young enough to be my children - let me explain.  My mom is the oldest by five years, her youngest sibling is eighteen years younger. She had me when she was only twenty-one, which meant my oldest aunt was sixteen. Thus, my aunts and uncle are more like my siblings than my aunts and uncles. Just for the curious among you - I know I'd be one!)
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