Thursday, May 27, 2010

Twenty-Five & Twenty-Six.

25 weeks : Legit Belly.
 Twenty-five weeks.

How far along? 26 weeks, 2 days. AKA: ALMOST SIX FREAKING MONTHS. This is the last week of my second trimester. WOAH.

How big is baby? Nearly two pounds and fourteen inches long. This is getting into legit baby territory, my friends.

Total weight gain: +14 lbs. I’m right on track – I want to avoid gaining more than I should, as it makes the baby bigger (ouch) and is harder to lose afterward (which can’t help postpartum blues). Definitely not depriving myself (did I tell you about the funnel cake fries??), but also eating mostly well and staying active. Moderation. Woo!

Maternity Clothes? I actually had an awesome realization last week that strategically purchased t-shirts from the junior’s section at Target are cheaper and work just as well as “maternity” t-shirts. Same with roll-over pants and skirts – you don’t need maternity versions of these stretchy wonders! A little advice for you ladies-who-might-be-pregnant-someday out there – buy your maternity clothes as you need them. Otherwise, you end up with some giant shirts you buy at week 15, assuming they’ll fit in a few months. THEY ARE STILL GIGANTIC. Learn from me, ladies.

Also, my poor quality Photobooth photo of my new (non-maternity swimsuit top – which covers up my new cleavage, but is still adorable. And was $5!):

Stretch marks? Not yet, but I’ve got a fully popped belly button.

Sleep: Not too bad – my body has definitely adjusted to pregnancy much better than the first trimester. Amen. I've mastered the nighttime roll-over with four pillows and don’t wake up for two hours at 3am anymore. Thank you, body.

Movement: Thumps, kicks, jabs, and spins. I swear, he’s booty bumping in there. I can see him moving now through my shirt, which is pretty surreal. Isn’t it odd how much fetuses move, but newborn babies are pretty much lumps on a log? I’m also pretty sure I’ve felt his hiccups for the first time. Not positive, though.

Food cravings: I’ve been trying to increase my protein a LOT (70-80 grams a day) – so I’ve been eating (and craving!) string cheese, almonds, yogurt, black beans, protein bars, cottage cheese, and, uh, pizza.

What I miss: A belly button that doesn’t look like a nipple. And not knowing what heartburn feels like. And not being frustrated with the medical field and all its hyper-cautiousness and over-testing. (My feelings on the matter: blerg. Also: $)(@)#^**(@#&^*%)!!!!)

What I am looking forward to: I’m going to the beach this weekend. Although the weather is gorgeous here, I am looking forward to relaxing for eight days straight. Pregnancy-wise – there is nothing I’m really looking forward to. This pregnancy is flying by, and I am scrambling to figure out how we’re moving in 34 days and how this baby will be here by the end of the summer. And I’ve really enjoyed pregnancy for the most part – once the nausea subsided, being pregnant has been mostly sunshine and rainbows (though, certainly not all sunshine.)

Milestones: My last pair of pre-pregnancy pants can no longer be buttoned. And my belly button it firmly out. There is no going back; it pokes through most of what I wear. My stomach is undeniably a pregnant lady’s stomach. I also experienced my first leg and ankle swelling two weeks ago. Thankfully there is no more of that right now.

Oh, and THIS: This is completely vain and silly, but I didn’t expect to feel fat. Being petite and having a rounded stomach means some shirts can make me look just plain large. I know, this is probably RIDICULOUS, but as much as I love being pregnant – I don’t love this weird self-consciousness that has resulted from clothes fitting so differently.

 Photo by Erin Parker.
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