Wednesday, July 28, 2010

FAQ about Our Little Baby.

Lots of questions are asked about my pregnancy and the baby, and since I didn't blog about being pregnant until the end of my first trimester, there are lots of things readers (and friends and family and strangers) may wonder about my pregnancy. 

Like Erin did a few weeks ago, I am here to answer your questions...

When did you find out?
December 23, 2009.  My period was several days late (I am usually like clockwork. TMI), and I couldn't stand not knowing immediately if it was what I thought. So during a last minute Christmas shopping trip with my sisters, I bought my first three-pack of pregnancy tests. It was hard to hide them, as I didn't want to raise suspicions - but I told my youngest sister, "It's always good to have these on hand when you're a married woman." I thought she fell for it, but apparently she was highly suspicious after that. Ah, well.

How did you tell Mike?
We had talked about it - since I had a really strong sense I was pregnant - but he urged me to wait a few days to take a pregnancy test. I obviously couldn't resist, so I when I found out, I ran out to the garage where he was spray painting his bicycle and squealed, "I'm pregnant!" We hugged in the cold doorway, then he shooed me back inside, saying "Well, you probably shouldn't be out here since I'm spray painting!"

How did you tell your parents?
Since we found out over Christmas, we were with my family for a week, then with Mike's family for a week - right after finding out this life-changing news. Although you'd expect this to be excruciatingly difficult, it was actually perfect, since we needed some time to absorb this huge surprise.

I was very, very worried about having a miscarriage, so I didn't want to tell anyone at all until I was at least ten weeks pregnant. Including my parents. When we finally did tell them, at the end of January - check out the story here.

Why are you seeing a midwife? Is it because you’re a hippie? Do you want to give birth at home?
For a number of reasons, mostly because midwives tend to treat pregnancy like a normal occurrence, not like a disease to be treated. There are lower c-section rates among midwives and women who see midwives report more satisfying birth experiences. Most of all, it's because of this film, which I seriously recommend to any woman who thinks she might someday want to get pregnant. 

Most European women see midwives, but it's just not as common here in the States, so I get lots of questions about the validity of having a midwife attend my birth. Midwives deliver in hospitals as well, which is where I plan to give birth. (A very awesome hospital birthing center that claims to be more 'high touch' than 'high tech' and has things like birthing balls and aromatherapy.)

Did you get morning sickness?
I was really queasy for a few weeks, but like most bad things - I tend to forget how bad it really was. (This bodes well for childbirth and having future children, I hope.) I was nauseous in the evening for a few weeks, then for a few weeks I'd throw up if I didn't eat ASAP OMG OR ELSE! I really only got sick a few times, including once in our kitchen trash can while Mike's parents were visiting and using the bathroom (and we hadn't told them yet...)

I do remember spending a Saturday afternoon in January curled in a ball on the floor, absolutely miserable. Mike was watching something on Hulu and I saw a commercial with a guy eating chips and salsa. Instantly, I knew that was the one thing in the world that would make me feel better. It had to be chunky, mild salsa and really thin white tortilla chips. Mike ran out to the store and made a very happy girl. I felt great for the rest of the day. 

Do you have names picked out?
We have them *sort of* narrowed down to ten names, but we each have a favorite. Though I often doubt my favorite, and secretly plan to add another name to The List when Mike’s not looking. We have the list saved on Mike’s iPod Touch and plan to bring it to the hospital with us. When we hold our baby, we will know. Or, that’s how I’m hoping it will work. The whole naming process has been a bit more stressful than I anticipated – naming another human being is a Big Deal, and it’s a difficult decision to make with another person. For example, when Mike vetoed Henry because “it’s a dog name,” my heart was crushed. (I am over it.)

Are you feeling the baby move?         
Ha. Hahaha. Hahahaha! This question amuses me because I just want to yell, “Are you kidding me? This kid has not stopped punching me for the past 15 weeks!” Instead, I politely nod and muse, “Mmm-hmm. It’s so neat!” while getting stabbed in the rib by a heel. 

What's it like to feel a baby move inside of you?
You know those massage chairs that kneed your back? Imagine that, but from the inside. I will have some verrrry relaxed abdominal muscles from the little masseuse in there.

Where are you registered? 
Feel free to check them out and laugh at what I think I need for a baby. I registered at Babies R Us, Amazon, which is actually mostly Mike’s picks – Grateful Dead onsies and toys, and Target, which is mostly just for the 10% off registry completion we’ll get – we actually didn’t tell any of the showers about registering there. Sneaky, right?

Will your baby be a vegetarian?
Yep. Especially when I’m feeding him. We certainly aren’t going to demonize meat, but we’re not going to feed the kid hot dogs and chicken nuggets (which, let’s be honest, is the most common kind of meat kids eat). For Mike and I, it makes sense to feed our child what we eat – he’ll hopefully be a more adventurous and healthy eater because of it. If he wants to eat meat someday, that’s cool – but we’re not going to buy it.

Have you decided if you’re going back to work?
I don’t have much of a choice since my husband is in graduate school, but yes, I’ll be going back to work. How much I work depends on how poor we can handle being.

Do you want free baby hand-me-down stuff?
Oh, heck yes. Thank you so much.

What is your nursery theme?
See above: Free hand-me-downs. Booyah.

Any more questions? Ask me the comments and I'll answer!
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