Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A-Hiking We Will Go.

The weather was absolutely perfect this weekend - mid-70s and sunny. It was the kind of weekend that fall-lovers dream of. So, we went hiking. Twice.

There is nothing like being surrounded by trees as far you can see. It's peaceful, you know?

Swirly head
My favorite view. Gabe's swirly little infant head. 

I adore this infant carrier, just for the record. It has been worn many times in the kitchen while I cook. (It was also our first baby-related purchase, when I was 24 weeks pregnant. Thank you,!)

Gabe fell asleep while we were hiking, but with his little hand grasping my finger. Love.

Mmm. Fall!
The leaves haven't all changed color, thank goodness. I am just not ready for cold weather! 

Mama and baby boy.
After the hike, we hung out in a field under some trees. 

Sweet baby boy
We are getting to see his little personality more each day. And I love it.

Playing. :)
I can't believe I'm a mom. To the sweetest boy ever.
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