Monday, December 6, 2010

Three Months.

i love my nugget.

The Discovery of the Hands.
- has discovered his hands and love how delicious they apparently taste. 
- is more relaxed and talkative at home than when we're out. Could he already know the difference?
- has started grabbing things, including his bottom while we're changing his diaper. I never expected to say, "Stop grabbing your butt!" to a three-month-old. 
- kicks his legs and arches his back excitedly when he hears my voice or is laughing at something Mike is doing.
- laughs daily and is generally still a happy little bear.
- is over 14 pounds and nearly 25 inches long.
- has outgrown most of his 0-3 months clothes.
- continues to make us popular. Not many people can resist a cute baby.
- has a slightly lumpy head, since he prefers to keep his head turned to the right.
- has recently began showing interest in board books, much to my delight. He has a touch and feel book, and laughs when he touches the ostrich's feathers. Last night, he was fussing and crying, but when I took him over to the recliner next to the Christmas tree and read My First Christmas by Tomie dePaola, he quieted and looked intently at the pages. I so hope he loves to read someday!
- stares intently at the TV (well, Mike's computer, really), while we watch television shows. I don't intend to let him watch TV for quite some time; surely this doesn't count, right? 
- still prefers to sleep swaddled, but often wakes up with one or both hands near his face. Little ninja!

- am down to 6 lbs to lose. Whee! Slowly but surely....
- have returned to work (part-time) so am pumping a few times a week. Nursing is going well, and I get so appreciative of how far we come when I think about how difficult learning how to nurse was for both of us. Trying to keep him awake, the intense pain, the tears, the worry that I was doing it wrong...I'm so glad the internet was there to tell me that it's totally normal for it to be difficult. And now? It's totally awesome. 
- got a new cell phone, so I've been texting Mike and my family (and Twitter...) pictures of him constantly. Is it possible to be too enamored with one's own child?
- sometimes shove Gabe's hands in his mouth, encouraging him to learn to self-soothe. What? He just needs some help, sometimes. 
- still have not set a bedtime for him. I'm resisting it, since it makes our life much more inflexible. Selfish? Perhaps. But happy parents make for a happy baby, right?
- love the look that crosses his face as he listens to my voice and realizes it's me. Who else but a baby would make you feel that special?
- am starting to think we might buy him a few toys for him to play with. The world is so new to him, that everything from the Christmas tree lights to my hair to the striped pillow on the couch is worth exploring and playing with, but I'm considering getting him a few age-appropriate (he has toys for when he's older already) toys for his first Christmas. (We were going to forgo it since he's not really old enough to understand...and we buy him what he needs. But, perhaps he'll get a toy or two...)
- have started reading non-baby related books for the first time in....ages. I just finished The Help, and was delighted to settle into the familiar and cozy state of getting lost in a book. My next book will be The Time Traveller's Wife. I've been wanting to read the book for years. It's nice to have some non-baby thoughts go through my head on a regular basis. 
- cannot imagine being more content with my life. Truly. Usually, there is some nagging voice in my head that lists all the things I could change about my life, but I am just...happy. It's weird and I'm tempted to tiptoe around and whisper about how very happy I am, for fear of waking up from a dream.
- am already anxious about him growing up and losing my baby. Really, Ashley? He's not even 100 days old.
- feel like I'm sleeping through the night, since we're both half-asleep when he eats a night. It's terribly convenient to have him next to me all night. And on that note...
- decided that I am not going to concern myself too much with what 'they' say I should be doing, but instead, do what is best for us and our family. Gabe and I are both happy and well-rested, so if it ain't broke, I'm not going to try and 'fix' it. (Plus, I enjoy having him close all day and night.)

Here are some glimpses into Gabe's budding little personality...

jus' a happy bebe.
Happy baby.

bebe toes.
Crooked bebe toes.

knuckle sandwich.

lil smile.
Lil' smile...

big smile.
...big smile!

head control FTW.
Gaining more head and neck control! 

3. months. old.
Round faced little 3-month-old.

caught making out with his arm.
Caught in the act. "What? Iz good!"

chubby lil wrists.
Chubby little wrists.
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