Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Four Months.

- has started squawking and squealing. He loves the sound of his own voice and it's really quite adorable...for a few minutes.
- always wants to stand, and likes to try out the Johnny Jump Up thing that hangs from the doorway.
- has started playing with toys. Weird.
- is such a squirmy little guy, I fear his mobility. MAKE IT STOP.
- is starting to enjoy nursing for comfort, not just for his voracious appetite.
- has 24 pairs of pants. TWENTY FOUR. I have, like, 3.
- can sit up for about 5 seconds before face planting. It's funny. Every. Time.
- sucks on fingers instead of his whole hand sometimes. Moving on up!
- is still swaddled. And uses a pacifier. We're working on it.
- experienced cold and snow. And snow. And more snow.
- may be teething, according to a nurse. Please no.

- am super sick for the first time as a mom and it's killing me.
- packed away some of his itty bitty socks and his shirt from the hospital and already can't believe he was ever that tiny. 
- am finally on a mission to lose these last 6 lbs...and in a competition with Mike to do so. I made cookies tonight and ate 4, so that's a good start, right? Heh.
- never exercise, ever. 
- love his laughter. And his smiles. And how sweet he is when he wakes up from a nap and recognizes us. We get a little "Hey, it you guys!" smile that melts my heart.
- find pumping a huge pain and give major props to women who do it more than 3-4 times a week. 
- sent out Christmas cards for the second time in my life and didn't order enough, so many people I adore didn't get them. Oops.
- take entirely too many photos of this little nugget:

snow bear 
carried baby
Licking his carrier. Yum.
Baby Billy Joel

Standing moose

He's totally an Apple baby

sucking face.
Sucking on everything in sight.
talking with daddy

Compare: 2 weeks vs. 4 months. :)
2 weeks vs 4 months. HOLY CHUB.
Four months old on 1/1/11!

I just love those long eyelashes.
Gabe just told a joke. :)

Lil' Smile.

Finger suckin'

Big eyes.

Monkey hat!

So darn smiley.
Yeah, I think we'll keep him. :)
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