Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On Playing Photographer.

In an effort to run wildly in all directions towards my many dreams, I took a giant leap out of my comfort zone this weekend when an old friend (who lived on my floor freshman year of college - 6 Adele!) contacted me about doing a photo shoot with her and her husband. 

It all started when I posted some photos from a senior photo photo shoot I did with my little sister on Facebook. Photos in the snow, like:

EmmieJane (4 of 52)

EmmieJane (29 of 52)
It was terribly cold this day, and she's quite the rock star for being out in it.
She got married a few months ago, but wanted to do a sort of Trash-the-Dress-slash-more-couple-and-individual-photos. I eagerly agreed, excited to try shooting a couple for the first time. I was also slightly nervous, since they drove four hours each way just to have their photos taken. By me. Me.
Pressure, right?

I sent frantic emails to Rachel expressed my apprehension, who was basically the head cheerleader for team Ashley Photographer (closely followed by my dad and sister). She reassured me, which I needed.

Sunday arrived, and we traipsed out into a few snowy, sunny parks, ready to shoot. When we first started, I honestly wasn't sure what to do. I'd never directed anyone other than my family members when shooting. Thankfully, they were fabulous and were willing to try a billion different things in order to get a few good shots. (We also have a few awkward shots. Yay for trial and error!) For my first paid shoot and my first time shooting a couple, I'm fairly pleased with the results. Sure, I have room for growth. Sure, I can see some flaws. Sure, I feel like a complete amateur.

But, if nothing else, I stepped outside of my comfort zone. And actually had a blast in the process.

And a few good shots, if I might be so bold:

Rachel & Kyle.

R+K (1 of 1)

R+K (8 of 12)

R+K (12 of 12)

R+K (11 of 12)

R+K (10 of 12)

R+K (6 of 12)

R+K (9 of 12)

Photography is fun. 

I think I'm in love.

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