Thursday, March 10, 2011

Never Say Never (and Completely Unrelated Baby Photos).

Oh, I was so naive.

 Messy Face.

Food-covered baby faces are icky. I won't take photos of it and certainly won't post them on my blog.
 I’ll never buy one of those stupid Sophie giraffes. They’re too trendy and overpriced.

Gabe will never, ever sleep in our bed. It’s so dangerous! I don’t want to hurt my baby. Plus, I need my personal space.

Planning outings around the baby’s naps and bedtimes is silly. I’m not going to revolve my life around the baby’s schedule. Babies are resilient and can adjust to ME.

Lil Sitter.

I won’t be the parent that hyper-cautiously makes everyone use hand sanitizer before touching my baby. I don’t want to make people feel like I think they’re germy, diseased creatures. It makes people feel bad.

A gigantic belly, fatigue, and terribly uncomfortable joints didn't derail my being active; a baby surely won't hinder my working out. 

I will never, ever put naked photos of my baby on the internet.

My baby won't go out in public with a crusty nose. It's totally avoidable. Ew.

Baby piano on the iPod

I won’t tell all of my friends that they need to have babies now just because I have one.

Baby talk is terribly annoying. I'll never talk in a baby voice to my kids. *shudder*

I know how often pregnant women hear about everyone's else experiences with pregnancy,  so I won't subject them to my own ramblings about what my pregnancy was like.
Bathroom sink baby bath!


My child will not have a pacifier in his mouth when he can talk.

I will not be a helicopter parent.

No crying it out; babies cry for a reason.

Video games are stupid.

Mike and I will always be a united front when disciplining our kids. They won't know when we don't agree.

Yum Yum.
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