Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Six Months.

6MosGabe (7 of 16)


- is eighteen pounds (aka: how much I weighed at one year.)

- is more fun than EVER. He’s always been a happy, giggly baby – but Gabe and I spend 20 minutes some nights, post-PJs and pre-bedtime, just laughing. Airplane, silly faces, and raspberries. I love that boy so much.

- is getting stronger and more mobile: rolling (using his gym to help him) and sitting (only if you give him something to do) and scooting in circles. And when we let him push off against our hands, he scoots towards toys. He’s also gotten up on his hands and knees a few times and has even scooted backwards doing this (much to his chagrin). Mobility is coming. And. I. Am. Scared. I ask Mike daily, “What will we doooo when he can crawl around?” as I eye the piles of folded clean clothes we have yet to put away and the plants on lower shelves.

- is in the throes of teething (I felt the very, very tippy top of a little tooth!), which means he’s had some uncharacteristically fussy days and far too much crying for no reason. Poor little guy.

- was chewing on my sunglasses fervently yesterday, but kept gagging himself with the ear stem, so I took them away. He started gnawing desperately on his car seat buckle.

- is super wiggly and active. It’s like he’s discovered his own power this month and is getting adept at squirming to make diaper changes more difficult and doesn’t really snuggle anymore. Sad face. I read a study that has fetuses that are more active than usual often become babies that are more active than in typical. Considering the ultrasound techs constantly told us how wiggly Gabe was and the fact that my ribs were bruised from his heels, I think we have a wiggler 4 lyfe on our hands. Yikes.

- still has no favorite toys – I hear others talking about their babies’ favorite toys and how they’ve had to buy multiples of those toys for fear of losing them….and Gabe just will play with anything. No special toys – my hand is as interesting as a stacking toy or his raspberry teether. Perhaps it’s because we’re sort of unintentionally doing the whole attachment parenting thing, which supposedly makes attachment to objects less common than attachment to people. Or maybe he’s just still too young.

- is not a champion sleeper at night. He goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:30pm, and wakes up quite a few times during the night before he finally wakes up for the day around 6 and 7:30am.

- naps well during the days, though, with about three naps ranging between 30 minutes and two-and-a-half hours. Most days he’ll give me two two-hour naps and then one 45 minute one. Yes, ‘give me’. Because it’s a gift.

- is a little daredevil already. He gets bored and whines until we start throwing him around or something. His favorite lately is being flipped upside down from airplane super fast. He lives on the edge.

- has started to realize that whining can get him his way. This is dangerous, friends.

- [ETA:] tried his first foods this month. He is very interested in the idea of food (grabbing at our plates, leaning towards our plates or cups with his mouth open), but not always good at eating it. We're opting for him to just eat our foods instead of doing the whole cereal and purees thing. Partly because it's easier and partly because it's supposed to help him be a less picky eater. So far, he's 'tried' naan bread, applesauce, lentil soup, baba ghanoush, strawberries, blueberries, crackers, tofu, tomato, rolls, pea soup, and raw carrots. Not the typical 'first foods,' and we have to watch him closely to make sure he doesn't bit off more than he chew (literally), and lots of these things he's only had a tiny taste of, since he's more interested in food than actually eating it. It's nowhere near supplementing his regular nursing, but it's been fun!

-[ETA:] was baptized on February 27th. :) I'll write an entire post about it soon, but: yay!


- am transitioning easily to work and being gone from Gabe a few more hours each week. It makes it easy that Gabe is spending those hours with Mike or my mom, both of whom absolutely adore him.

- got a picture message of Gabe from my 16-year-old brother on Monday, and found him take care of Gabe when I arrived at my parents. Seeing as how he is pretty anti-baby, it melted my heart just a little. My entire family is getting to spend more time with Gabe, which I love.

- was concerned at first when my milk supply finally evened out this month – after months of being used to having more than enough, I finally have just the right amount for Gabe. It was disconcerting at first and pumping takes longer now, but it’s so, so much more comfortable to go longer without nursing or pumping. Plus, I fit into some tops again. Whee!

- will always treasure the way he looks and feels in my arms after he’s fallen asleep while I rock him. My heart literally flutters, his chubby little hand resting on my chest and his sweet little lips smooshed together. Although I’m not always great at being present, I try to savor these moments.

- do wish Gabe would sleep more during the night, but also appreciate (so much!) those hours I get in the evening after he’s in bed to try and catch up on life. I don’t often succeed, but that is another story.

- found our ‘photo shoot’ this month more difficult due to the combination of squirminess and teething-induced unhappiness.

- am procrastinating moving Gabe out of our room. I just love, love, love having him so close to me. I know he’d likely sleep longer at night if we moved him out, but...but...he loves being near us and we love having him close. Perhaps we will just keep him in there. :)

6MosGabe (6 of 16)
Practicing his skillz.
6MosGabe (16 of 16)
My favorite little face.
6MosGabe (8 of 16)
Eyes on the prize.
6MosGabe (9 of 16)
6MosGabe (13 of 16)
'Dis is my belly.'
6MosGabe (10 of 16)
Such concentration. :)
6MosGabe (3 of 16)
My tooooes!
Gabriel: Months 1-6
My dear little Gabe,

It has been the greatest honor of my life to be your mom these past six months. I have enjoyed every single minute – even the minutes that involved tears and your famous lip pout. How are you still so lovable even when you're sobbing?

You are truly the sunshine in our days, and you bring us more joy than I could have ever imagined. You were born cute and every morning you wake up, your dad and I tell you that you’ve gotten even cuter since the night before.

I love how quick you are to smile. I love how you excited you are to nurse when I come home from work, chowing down excitedly, then stopping after a minute or two to smile up at me. I love to see you learn and grow each day.

I love the way your arrival has made your father become an even greater man. He is so in love with you, Gabe.

I wake up each day thrilled that I have he sweetest, most adorable baby boy in the world to play with and take care of.

I love you so much.
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