Monday, April 25, 2011

Having a Baby is JUST SO MUCH FUN.

And I'm not even being sarcastic!

It really is. I mean, our days were awesome before, but they are just filled with So Much More Joy now. And laughter! Oh, the laughter. It's fun, guys.

I was drafting a post about the politics of motherhood, then one about my experience with breastfeeding, then one about my efforts towards minimalism (with photos!) then I stopped and realized I was in no mood to be introspective or even a little bit serious.

Plus, I was gone the whole weekend and I have work tomorrow and I have about a bajillion design projects going on (woo!) - so I'm spending the evening cooking for the week and starting level three instead. (LEVEL THREE AHHHHHH.) (Jillian Michaels tells me those abs don't come for free, you know.) (But I don't have two-thirds of Anita's abs, yet, and I'm not holding my breath for them to emerge in the next ten days.) (The chocolate chips and Chipotle probably aren't helping.)

Instead, I decided to share some of my goofball child in action: 

"Gabe never blinks!"
"He does when I clap my hands. See?"
(Does this count as torture?)


(Why, yes, he did face-plant. And then proceeded to do so over and over again.)

He's a little goofball.

My little goofball.

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