Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Only These Girls Know How Many Times I've Peed My Pants.

This past Saturday night, I got together with a few friends for a long overdue girl’s night (with lots of pizza, cookies, ice cream, nail polish, and sangria).

I met these girls 12 years ago (and one of them 19 years ago), and we’ve remained friends through moves across the ocean and college in different corners of the state. I didn’t live anywhere for more than three consecutive years growing up, so I’m an unlikely candidate to stay in touch with childhood friends.

We had moved back to Ohio after living in Thailand for three years, and I was in eighth grade. I had a difficult time making friends (being the new kid is so very difficult, no matter how many times you move), so my mom prayed hard for me to find good friends.

Circa 2000.

I was blessed with great friends. 

Friends who shared my love of Justin Timberlake and ‘Nsync – learning dance moves, watching an ‘Nsync documentary approximately 11 billion times, and making our own sparkly halter tops that said, ‘Celebrity’ for our third ‘Nsync concert. Friends who read my blog and call me out when I try to say that giving birth without pain medication wasn’t that bad (“Don’t lie! I read your blog!”). Friends who baked brownies and rode bikes to the library with me. Friends who spontaneously went on Indian runs while hanging out. Friends who were in my wedding and I in theirs. Friends who get me – through weddings, babies,  awful hair styles, break ups, and new loves.

I don't even know. But I do know that we are both wearing 'Nsync shirts. Win.

They know me and I know them. They make me feel interesting, fun, and understood.

Muuuuch better looking now, am I right?

I know not everyone has a group of old friends where they truly belong. I am a lucky gal.

PS: Girls, don't kill me for putting these photos on the internet. ;)
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