Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Vegetarian.

“You’re a vegetarian?! But what do you eat?”

This is what the kids at school ask incredulously, without fail, upon finding out that I don’t eat meat. It seems like a silly question to me, since I don’t feel as though avoiding meat is particularly difficult and I just…don’t eat meat.  *shrugs shoulders* I dunno. I don’t even think about it, really, and certainly don’t feel deprived.

Since I get the question so often, and have a secret obsession with food/fitness bloggers (they blog multiple times a day! But…but…how?), I decided to play food blogger for a day and take photos of what I ate and share with you all.

Plus, food. Who doesn’t like to talk about food?

I eat cold cereal most days – I try to stick with a fairly low-sugar breakfast cereal. I sometimes eat oatmeal, but I am mostly too lazy to make it. I know, it takes two minutes to make. But..but…I am lazy. (If I do make it – I include coconut and cocoa powder and some sort of nuts. Yum.) Oh, and always coffee. It’s my secret to my can-do attitude and unfailing optimism.

Kashi GoLean! with frozen berries and soymilk. 

Coffee with pumpkin spice syrup and cream.

If I’m working: Usually leftovers. Sometimes peanut butter and jelly.
If I’m not: same as the dinners below.


Vegan macaroni and cheese (leftovers from lunch the day before) with chickpeas and enchilada sauce. (Yes, it's not pretty. But it's yummy!)

Enchilada sauce is a staple for me. I put it on everything – pizza, rice, veggie burgers...

Our go-to dinners are stir fry, scrambled tofu, rice and beans, veggie burgers, grilled cheese, big salads with beans, cheese, and avocado, pasta with beans, and quesadillas with refried beans and corn. Dessert is most often cereal (the sugary stuff like Honey Bunches of Oats).

Marshmallow brownie cupcake (so much yum) (Eaten before dinner because, well, I am an adult and I do what I want.)

Buttered garlic naan with a veggie burger, ketchup, and mustard. Green beans on the side.


Water with a few cubes of frozen cherry juice (my weird habit – juice is too sweet on its own, so I drink lots of really, really watered-down, super-cold juice throughout the day)

Usually fruit and string cheese – but we are currently out of both.

Almonds, a few chunks of cold scrambled tofu from dinner the night before (eaten straight out of the container with my fingers; keeping it classy) Oh, and lots and lots of frosting while making cupcakes.

SO, there you are! An honest look at a day in the life of a vegetarian. I certainly don’t claim to be the healthiest eater (I could totally increase my fruits and vegetables), but it could be worse, right?

What are your go-to meals, fellow vegetarians? (Or favorite veggie meals, non-veggie friends.)
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