Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Adventures, Part III: Asheville.

 Our trip to Asheville could be summed up in three(ish) words: Food, Friends, and Lost Wallet.

Food: So much goodness. Sweet potato pancakes with whipped peach butter butter. A vegetarian Havana Cuban with swiss cheese, tempeh, black bean spread, and pickles. Rooibos iced tea with local honey. Salted dark chocolate caramels. Red wine-infused dark chocolate truffles topped with a crystalized rose. Indian street food (potato samosas with a sweet chickpea stew) and chai tea. Pimento grilled cheese and cream of mushroom soup. Strawberry lemonade. A grilled sweet potato and goat cheese burrito. A peanut butter and marshmallow sundae. A delightfully flaky croissant. A bagel sandwich with arugula, swiss cheese, and egg. And plenty of coffee.

True to our vacation motto – we ate and walked. And that's pretty much it. We saw all sorts of interesting things and people and musicians. Asheville is a fun little town with a vibrant downtown. We really, really enjoyed our time there.
Gabe even got to experience a swimming pool for the first time at our hotel! :) He was unsure about his feelings on the matter. (And that top right photo is GABE KISSING ME. I love his sweet kisses so very much.)
We had an impromptu meet up with two friends (and one husband of a friend) from college. They live in Nashville and Atlanta, so we don't get to see them as much as we'd like. It was so much fun. Gabe got to hang out with his godmother and I enjoyed getting to see Elizabeth, who is a few months pregnant with their first child. We ate, we visited the drum circle, and we walked forever in pursuit of a coffee shop that doesn't exist.

Lost Wallet: So, I lose things a lot. A LOT. But I've never lost my wallet long enough to actually have to deal with it – canceling credit cards and getting a new driver's license and all that. And I've certainly never lost my wallet on a vacation. But I did. We had $56 and no credit cards or IDs. Mike left his wallet at home and realized it 15 minutes into our trip, but I assured him I had my wallet, so no worries. Sometime between visiting a chocolate shop and getting to our hotel room, I lost my wallet and no amount of backtracking or scouring the city, parking garage, hotel, and car turned it up.

Lesson learned: have your phone number in your wallet. If someone found it, they'd have no way of contacting me. Blerg. (Thankfully, Kat spotted us some gas money and my mom broke into our apartment and overnighted us Mike's wallet.)

Despite the whole wallet fiasco, Asheville was wonderful. I'd love to go back and try even more restaurants. Mmm, food.

 Friday night drum circle. So fun and quirky.

All's well that ends well. :)

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And now we're on day seven of our vacation, and day four of our beach vacation with the in-laws... being at the beach with a baby is quite the adventure!
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