Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Apartment, Sweet Apartment.

My, oh my.

We are finally home from nearly three weeks away from our little apartment and I am elated.

I looked back at the post from a month ago when we first went on a little vacation, and laughed. We spent ONE night in a hotel. ONE. And I was all, "We're flexible! Yippee! But glad to be back home." Ha. HAHAHAHA. 

Three weeks of changed routine later...I think now I can legit say that.

What has happened in the last three-ish weeks?
- We went to Asheville, North Carolina and I lost my wallet for the first time. Which I told you already. Gabe went swimming for the first time, we ate a lot of food, and saw friends.

- We went to the beach in South Carolina and stayed in a beach house with eleven other family members. I have yet to tell you about this -but Gabe experienced sand, the ocean, and tie-dye.
Beach Family.

- We house-and-cat-sat for my parents. Giant house all to ourselves. Fun times, aside for the scary, lots-of-places-for-murderers-to-hide business.
- Gabe started to become a Very Mobile Baby. Life has changed, friends. He's constantly pulling up on everything, walking while he holds on to the couch or coffee table, and giving us a run for our money. We dropped his crib mattress down, too. We haven't done much in the way of baby-proofing yet, but I think we're going to have to re-arrange our living room to accomdate Mr. Curious and Mobile. No more Mr. Lump who lies around happily.

- Summer arrived. Three weeks ago, it was cold and my summer clothes were still packed away. Now, I'm in Tevas, shorts, and tank tops. Whee! Time to pack away the sweaters.

- Baby's first baseball game. We went to an Indians game, and Gabe was in the newspaper (front page!) the next day. Baby WIN.

- I bought a super fancy new lens. Like, SUPER FANCY. I can't believe I spent this much on it, but it all came from profits from Etsy and my design work. I am serious about becoming a portraiture photographer, and it's time to put my money where my mouth it. (Also, this lens weighs 20 pounds, so I should get more buff. BONUS.)

- Gabe is 9 months old. Also: 40 weeks old, so he's been out longer than he was a fetus.

- 3 weeks of erratic bedtimes. Ready to get back to Gabe going to bed EARLY. I need it for my sanity, my businesses, and my marriage. Amen.

And, now, I'm staring down the happy circumstance of having two entire months off for the first time since high school (aside from my two-month maternity leave, because, well, that doesn't COUNT.) I have high hopes for this summer, namely: more simplifying (only driving our car three days a week...eep!), business scheming, photographing, and designing, blogging (and open up advertising opportunities), and gardening (community garden at the apartment!)/farmer's marketing, and cooking. And plenty of time with my two favorite boys, of course. Mmm, summer.
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