Thursday, July 7, 2011

On Encouragement and a Family Photo Session.

"Forget about that craft stuff, you should find a way to make money from your photography." - My dad, February 2011. 

I'm lucky to have a family that is so supportive and encouraging of me. Their words empower and inspire me. They make me feel like I could maybe, possibly, someday do this whole photography thing. For real. Thanks, family. 

A few weeks ago, I had the priviledge of photographing the Wojtkun family before their son/brother left Ohio for a new job (yay!) in Atlanta.

Reasons why I love this family: 
- they are fun. Really, really fun. They are silly and goofy and I had a blast photographing them.
- the parents met at my alma mater! Go Flyers. :)
- they adore each other - it's obvious how much they absolutely love one another. They even love being around each other.
- they made me laugh. And each other laugh. And were hilarious.

Wojtkun 1

Wojtkun 2 : The Girls

Wojtkun 3 : Bubbles!

Wojtkun 5

Wojtkun 4 : Lake Erie. :)

Wojtkun 6 : The Kids

Wojtkun 8

Wojtkun 9

Wojtkun 10

Thank you for asking me to capture your family and for making me giggle. :)
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