Thursday, November 8, 2007

Close Your Eyes, Give Me Your Hand, Darling...

In college, I lived with four girls in a cute old house. We had a defunct fireplace that we FILLED with candles. Big candles, little candles, ugly candles, lopsided candles, candles that made us want to eat pie, and candles that melted all over the fireplace. I loved lighting all those candles and feeling so cozy in our little living room!

Little did I know that paraffin (most commercial candles are made of this) is Bad News.

Whaaa-?! I know! Who knew, right? Paraffin is made from petroleum, so when we burn those candles, they let off CO2. PLUS! They are all sooty - they can leave black marks on your ceiling or walls (or your fingers, you know if you have to reach down in the candle to light it?!) And if you spill them, they are freaking hard to get off carpet or tile. (Gah! We still have purple residue all over our bathroom counter and floor from a bad incident a few months ago.)

Somehow I have in insatiable love of candles, despite my sooty hands and purple bathroom. Thank goodness for SOY candles! :) They:

* Burn 50% longer * Are all-natural and environmentally friendly * Have 90% less soot * Can be cleaned up with soap and water! (not just scraping at it desperately with a credit card)

We still have tons of candles around here left over from our wedding and bridal shower, but since we use candles all the time, so we've already replaced a few with soy candles (like the yummy apple vanilla Method candle). I think I'm gonna go light a few SOY candles and do some yoga now...


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